I suspect Johnny G Plate, spokesperson: volunteers are more solid in supporting Anies Baswedan

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AMPONTOONS.COM reporter, Rina Ayu

AMPONTOONS.COM, JAKARTA – Anies Baswedan’s spokesman, Hendri Satrio, assessed that the determination of the suspect in the framework of the NasDem party Johnny G Plate did not affect the enthusiasm of the volunteers to support Anies Baswedan’s presidential candidate.

This was broadcast by Hensat, as it is usually called when interviewed by Tribun Network, on Friday (19/05/2023).

“So far no, yes, because the first did not directly hit Anies Baswedan because Mr. Plate is a NasDem cadre. So from today Pak Surya Paloh adheres to the presumption of innocence”,

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“So obviously it doesn’t affect the volunteers’ performance from there,” he explained

He reasoned that the change movement that was formed started from the grassroots, i.e. from the people.

Then expand to train volunteers.

And finally get appreciation from political parties.

“So that when there are disturbances because the roots come from below, obviously they don’t affect it directly,” Hendri explained.

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Indeed, according to him, after the incident of Johnny G Plate’s arrest, the support of Anies Baswedan’s volunteers has become stronger and more solid.

He said Anies volunteers have presented all legal processes to related parties.

“Moreover, the spirit remains the same, respect the legal process and the agenda continues and the most important thing is that the coalition remains strong and the coalition remains solid,” he stressed.

It is known that there will be four thousand volunteers for presidential candidate Anies Baswedan at a nationwide meet at Senayan Indoor Tennis, Central Jakarta on Sunday (21/5/2023).

Tatak Ujiyati FORKOM Volunteer Anies said that this event also commemorated the momentum of National Awakening Day which falls on May 20th.

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