In response to the Health Act, LBM PBNU states that tobacco cannot be equated with narcotics

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Report by AMPONTOONS.COM reporter, Fahdi Fahlevi

AMPONTOONS.COM, JAKARTA – The president of Nahdlatul Ulama Bahtsul Masail Institute (LBM PBNU), KH Mahbub Maafi believes that tobacco cannot be equated with narcotics.

This was conveyed by Mahbub in response to the inclusion of an article equating tobacco with narcotics in the Health Act.

According to Mahbub, although both contain addictive substances, their dependency is significantly different and there are key differences between tobacco and narcotics.

“It is very dangerous to compare it with narcotics,” Mahbub said after the activities of Halaqah Fiqh of Civilization and Bahtsul Masail at Al Muhajirin II Islamic College, Purwakarta.

According to him, if the bill is passed, it will be tobacco farmers who will suffer.

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“So if they grow tobacco, they’re classified as narcotics or marijuana growers,” he said.

Therefore, the interim results of the recommendations that will be reported to the central PBNU relate to article 154 and other tobacco-related articles that will no longer be discussed in the health bill.

He has asked the Ministry of Health and the DPR to remove the equation of tobacco with drugs.

“Then just delete it, automatically the tobacco issues and the underlying items should be removed,” he said.

This was done because the tobacco issue had already been discussed and there was already a government regulation (PP).

If this bill is approved again, he judges that there is no favoritism towards the people, especially towards the peasants.

He also reminded that the contribution of tobacco to the state budget in 2022 will reach IDR 218 trillion.

This shows that tobacco makes a very large contribution to the country.

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