Inara Rusli’s new look, now showing her face, ready to work again after being sued for divorce from Virgoun

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Report by AMPONTOONS.COM reporter Bayu Indra Permana

AMPONTOONS.COM, JAKARTA – Inara Rusli has decided to show her face, originally covered with a cloth, so she can go back to work for a living after being sued for divorce by Virgoun.

In front of the media and accompanied by Ustaz Derry Sulaiman, Inara Rusli took off her veil.

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“I use Bismillah because of Allah, I open it because of Allah, to support my children,” Inara Rusli said as she wiped the cloth off her face when met in Senopati area, South Jakarta on Thursday (18/ 5/2023).

Inara Rusli said that she made the decision to show herself again due to an emergency, namely that she had to earn a living for her three children.

He hopes no one will think ill of his decision to remove the veil that covered his face.

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“So I’ve decided to go back to work, so there’s an element of emergency here,” Inara said.

“Therefore, I have to open the veil, so I hope media friends and netizens are not prejudiced against me,” she continued.

Inara Rusli still wants peace with Virgoun.
Inara Rusli still wants peace with Virgoun. (Intensive investigation on YouTube)

Ustaz Derry Sulaiman, who was present, explained that what Inara had done was not a mistake: according to him the veil was not mandatory, so it was not a problem if it was taken off.

“If you are asked whether or not it is allowed (to open the veil), then feel free to open the veil in front of the media so that no slander is suspected of it,” said Ustaz Derry.

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“If you want to continue using it or opening it, it’s up to Ina,” he continued.

Before taking off the veil, Inara Rusli said he had just been named brand ambassador by Richard Lee for his beauty products.

Aside from that, Inara has also decided to go back to work in show business in preparation for her official divorce.

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