Indonesian idol Salma was amazed by AI technology that can create song lyrics

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AMPONTOONS.COM reporter Willem Jonata

AMPONTOONS.COM, JAKARTA – Artificial intelligence (AI) technology or artificial intelligence technology is attracting more and more attention as its development resembles human intelligence.

Of course, this technology has also been applied in various applications that facilitate human work. For example writing letters, identifying sounds and images, medical diagnoses and much more.

Salma Salsabil, the top three contestants of Indonesian Idol XII, was amazed when she learned that AI technology can create songs by simply offering one or more words for reference, such as the TREBEL AI function.

Initially, Indonesian Idol host Boy William discussed about music and features to enjoy music.

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“Salma, as a musician you often have to compose songs, I know you are a songwriter,” Boy said.

Boy also asked the judging panel to provide their desired keywords.

Anang with the word “perfect”, BCL with the word “love”, Judika with the word “minor”, Rosa said the word “major” and David wanted the word “beautiful”.

Boy then typed in the keyword and the song lyrics appeared, which is one of the advanced features of TREBEL AI.

“Oh, it’s really good to do (song lyrics) right away,” said Salma, who then responded by singing the lyrics.

Next, Boy typed a sentence; favorite indonesian upset song.

Then came the love songs.

Some of them are Indonesian Idol judges songs.

This AI feature allows users to create playlists of songs without being complicated or automatically based on user requests.

Of course, this is more sophisticated than other music applications in Indonesia, which still need to create their own playlists one by one and only rely on algorithm recommendations.

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