Indonesia’s First Haj Group Arrives Early, PPIH Check Abdul Aziz Airport Arrival Terminal Availability

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AMPONTOONS.COM reporter, Rina Ayu

AMPONTOONS.COM, JAKARTA – In welcoming the first group from Indonesia, the PPIH (Daker) airport work area team conducted an orientation of the officers to ensure the readiness of the congregation.

Kadaker Harianto Airport said officers were invited to view four terminals at Prince Mohammad bin Abdul Aziz-Medina International Airport on Tuesday (5/23).

“There are four terminals that will be used by Indonesian pilgrims. Starting with the Fastrek, Zero, Hajj and International terminals,” Harianto said in his statement to reporters.

The fastrek terminal is dedicated to pilgrims flying from Soekarno Hatta International Airport.

While the others are shared in three other terminals.

Harianto explained, there is a difference between the fastrek terminal and the other three terminals.

Terminal Fastrek, is specifically for pilgrims who do not need to go through the immigration process because they have already gone through the process in Jakarta.

Pilgrims from the Fastrek terminal will go directly to the bus to be dropped off at the hotel where they are staying.

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Meanwhile, Terminal Zero is a terminal that still goes through the immigration process and then goes directly to the bus terminal.

While the International Terminal and Hajj Terminal are terminals for pilgrims to go through the immigration process, they are then directed to Keong Pavilion for transit before proceeding to the hotel.

This clamshell pavilion is located to the left of the airport lobby exit. Precisely in the airport parking lot.

This pavilion is dedicated to Indonesian pilgrims.

The time required for the process from immigration control to the pavilion is approximately 2 hours.

Therefore, pilgrims in transit can take a short break before going to the hotel.

“There are 6 clamshell pavilions for the transit of pilgrims leaving the Hajj and the international terminals. After that there will be an officer to help direct the congregation to the place, because this pavilion is specifically for Indonesian pilgrims,” ​​Hartono said .

As for tomorrow or Wednesday (24/05) the first group of pilgrims from Indonesia will start disembarking at 06.20.

In total there are 18 to 20 flight groups and even 24 flight groups within 24 hours.

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