Jakarta Bhayangkara Presisi vs. West Kalimantan Pre-PON Team Trial ongoing, free access here

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TRIBUNNEWS.IT – Ongoing Pre-PON Jakarta Bhayangkara Precision (JBP) vs West Kalimantan (Kalbar) squad, Saturday (6/5/2023) today.

The test match for Jakarta Bhayangkara Presisi vs West Kalimantan Pre-PON Team was held at Gor Pangsuma Pontianak, starting at 7.30pm WIB and can be watched for free by volleyball mania.

Not only that, the Jakarata Bhayangkara Presisi vs Pre PON West Kalimantan match can also be watched live on YouTube Sports TV from Borneo.

>> Stream link Jakarta Bhayangkara Presisi vs PrePON West Kalimantan

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Of note, this tryout was conducted by Jakarta Bhayangkara Presisi in preparation for the 2023 AVC or Asian Mens Club Volleyball Championships in Bahrain.

Training menu like gym and sparring is one of the important agendas carried out by Jakarta Bhayangkara Presisi.

The 2023 AVC Tournament will be held in Manama, Bahrain from 14 to 21 May 2023.

In this event, Bhayangkara Presisi will be strengthened by big names known in the world of Indonesian volleyball.

Of all the main players of Bhayangkara Presisi, there are other gun players from other clubs.

Several additional staff members are also part of the Indonesia National Volleyball Team squad for the 2023 Sea Games.

They include Doni Haryono to Hendra Kurniawan.

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Meanwhile, Dimas Saputra, Opposite Jakarta STIN BIN, who contributed to the Sea Games gold medal twice (2019 & 2021), also joined the JBP team.

Dimas’ colleague at STIN BIN, i.e. Farhan Halim, was also called upon to refine his position as Outside Hitter.

Apart from that, there is Jakarta’s top Proliga 2023 blocker LavAni, Hendra Kurniawan, who also helped secure the front row along with other high profile names, namely Yuda Mardiansyah Putra and Hernanda Zulfi.

Not to forget the figure of the Opposite Hitter from Uganda who is one of the best OH on the African continent who strengthened JPB from Proliga 2023, or Daudi Okello.

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Below is a list of Presisi Bhayangkara players competing at the 2023 AVC Asian Volleyball Championship in Bahrain:

1. Nizar Julfikar
2. Rendy Febriant Tamamilang
3. Yuda Mardiansyah P
4. Enrico Ade Novian
5. Fahreza Rakha
6. Alfin Daniel Chief
7. Arjuna Mahendra
8. Abriantama whipped cream
9. Hernanda Zulfi
10. RD Ahmad Gumilar
11. Hendra Kurniawan
12. Farhan Halim
13. Dimas Saputra
14. Doni Haryono

2023 AVC Men’s Volleyball Club Championship Pool Division:

Jakarta Bhayangkara Presisi players celebrate after scoring points against Surabaya BIN Samator in Final Four Proliga match at Gor Sritex Arena Solo on Saturday (11/3/2023).
Jakarta Bhayangkara Presisi players celebrate after scoring points against Surabaya BIN Samator in Final Four Proliga match at Gor Sritex Arena Solo on Saturday (11/3/2023). (TRIBUNMEWS/Hafidh)

swimming pool a

Alahli Sport Cklup (Bahrain)

Korean Air Jumbos Pro-Volleyball Club (Korea)

Canberra Heat (Australia)

Jakarta Bhayangkara Precision (Indonesia)

Group B

Shadab Yazd (Iran)

South Gas Sports Club (Iraq)

Taichung Bank (Taipei)

Kam Air (Afghanistan)

C pool

Suntory Sunbirds (Japan)

Diamond Food Fine Chef-Air Force (Thailand)

Bayankhongor Vrowind Geo VC

Khaypil Sports Club

D pool

Atyrau VC (Kazakhstan)

Police Sports Team (Qatar)

Aspiring Volleyball Team (Hong Kong)

Kuwait Sports Club (Kuwait)


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