Jemeluk Bay, a little corner of paradise in Amed, east of Bali

Posted on (Indonesian Backpackers) – There is no more doubt, Jemeluk Bay is a little piece of heaven that has fallen Amedeo, Eastern Bali. It looks so beautiful, even from a distance.

I immediately canceled my plan to snorkel at the Japanese ship wreck point. When I saw a cluster of beautiful corals clearly visible from my bike. HEY! I remember that before the Japanese shipwreck snorkeling point, there is a place I want to try, the name is Jemeluk Bay!

Incidentally, I was with my sister at that time who came a long way from Jakarta, the capital of my country. Given the sea current of Japanese shipwreck spots at this time are often uncertain (read: fast moving sea current). This time I decided to try some fun snorkeling in Jemeluk bay. I don’t want my sister who has come from afar to be disappointed, because she has to snorkel in the strong sea currents.

Without thinking, I turn my bike towards the entrance of Jemeluk Bay, which is a few hundred meters behind. I didn’t finish parking my motorbike, an old man approached me and asked me “Do you want to snorkel? Hire the snorkeling gear, it’s cheap, only 50,000 rupees (about $6 USD).” Supposedly the rental price of this snorkel set can be negotiable up to Rp. 40,000 per set (one set consists of a snorkel, goggles, life jackets and a pair of flippers). However, since it’s just both of us this time, I didn’t try to bargain. Well I just want to snorkel as soon as possible, it was a really hot day! The sooner I get in the water, the better!

Bali has some nice snorkeling spots like Menjangan Island. But the snorkeling spots which are only a few meters away from the beach, can only be found at a certain point in Amed. Jemeluk Bay is a place I mean. You can start snorkeling in Jemeluk bay, without hiring any boat. Just start swimming a few meters from the beach.

Also, in Jemeluk Bay we could rent a mattress for only Rp. 10,000 (about $2 USD) to relax. Or if you feel tired from snorkelling, this mattress is rented from warungs available near Jemeluk Bay. Besides, they also sell delicious food, which can save us from hunger after snorkeling.

I think Jemeluk Bay is the perfect place for a vacation and to relax all day long. The calm and clear sea water and strategic location of this bay make swimming in Jemeluk Bay feel like swimming in a quiet pool. Unfortunately there is a fault with this Jemeluk bay at one point! The underwater view is not very good because most of the reefs in Jemeluk bay are already dead or damaged. It’s a bit sad, because the beautiful coral view may attract more people to visit this bay.

Surely damaged coral reefs are caused by irresponsible humans. Even so, with these damaged reefs, I can still see fun fish in lots of quantities. Although it cannot be compared with its neighbors, Japanese Ship Wreck Point or Menjangan Island Snorkelling Point. But snorkeling in Jemeluk Bay will complete your experience of exploring the underwater paradise of Amed. Just think you were swimming in the super large pool filled with fish, when you snorkel in Jemeluk Bay. It was really good, you know?

When I enjoy snorkelling here, I imagine something in my mind. How is the original condition of Jemeluk Bay Underwater View obviously when its condition has not been damaged at all. Under such conditions, Jemeluk Bay could be a beautiful little paradise in Amed, east of Bali. And you!?

Happy adventure, traveller!!
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