KAI shortens travel times for 140 long-distance train journeys as of June 1, 2023

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TRIBUNNEWS.IT – PT Kereta Api Indonesia (Persero) will increase travel time acceleration on 140 long-distance (KA) train journeys starting June 1, 2023.

These trains include executive, business and economy class trains for various connections such as Jakarta-Surabaya PP, Jakarta-Solo PP, Bandung – Surabaya PP and others.

For this reason, KAI has urged potential clients to pay close attention to their travel plans.

This is because the acceleration of journey times for almost all long-distance trains from 1 June 2023 has an impact on changes in train departure times.

Cited from KAI’s website, here are the top 10 long-distance train journeys recording the fastest travel time as of June 1, 2023:

1. KA Purwojaya (72-73, Gambir – Cilacap connection)

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The previous journey time was 7 hours 23 minutes, now it is 6 hours 5 minutes (78 minutes faster.

2. Mutiara Selatan Train (85, Surabaya Gubeng – Bandung Reports)

The previous journey time was 12 hours 15 minutes, now it is 11 hours 3 minutes (72 minutes faster.

3. Mutiara Selatan Train (86, Relations between Bandung and Surabaya Gubeng)

The previous journey time was 12 hours 15 minutes, now it is 11 hours 8 minutes (67 minutes faster.

4. Mataram Train (90, Pasarsenen – Relations Balapan Only)

The previous journey time was 9 hours 6 minutes, now it is 7 hours 59 minutes (67 minutes faster.

5. Mataram Train (89, Balapan Only – Pasarsenen Relations)

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