KCJB Top Flow electricity starts powering, people asked to stay away from the railway

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AMPONTOONS.COM reporter Eko Sutriyanto

AMPONTOONS.COM, JAKARTA – As of May 18, 2023, four traction substations have been electrified with a voltage of 27.5 kV, which means that electricity distribution through the Overhead Catenary System (OCS) or Jakarta-Bandung High has started Speed ​​Train (KCJB).

The total length of the OCS contact cable is 384.6 kilometers, installed on the 142.3 km KCJB line.

KCIC Corporate Secretary General Manager Rahadian Ratry said that all components, networks and electrical systems were checked before being distributed to OCS.

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“Today, the entire KCJB OCS line has been electrified with a voltage of 27.5KV. This indicates that people need to be careful when carrying out activities around the KCJB line because they can be electrocuted by high voltages,” Rahadian said in a statement. written, Friday (19/5/2023).

The distribution of electricity for the OCS provides that the high voltage coming from the local electricity grid along the Fast Rail line is converted through the traction substation into a single-phase alternating current at industrial frequency of 27.5 kV, which is then conveyed to the OCS network above the railway line to supply energy to the fast trains.

The four traction substations are located in Halim, Karawang, Walini and Tegalluar areas.

The whole system that has been built complies with international standards so that it has good quality, long life and reliable safety.

Various steps, procedures and emergency condition management have been set up to ensure the safety of the entire KCJB electricity system.

With electricity flowing to the OCS, this also indicates that the initial phases of the commissioning test are proceeding smoothly.

Through the OCS which is already electrified, the preparation of the Comprehensive Inspection Train (CIT) series has also started because it will pass through the KCJB route to carry out a thorough inspection in the near future.

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The public is advised not to go near the KCJB route as it is very dangerous for themselves and for the continuity of the KCJB Commissioning test.

With existing safeguards as an effort to ensure continuity of electricity supply to KCJB OCS system which has high voltage up to 27.5 kV.

The public is prohibited from engaging in activities on the KCJB Line, throwing foreign objects, playing with kites or balls around the KCJB Line, entering the KCJB Railway Line, tunnels and bridges, and entering other prohibited areas.

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