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TRIBUNNEWS.IT – Answer key for grade 7 Mathematics page 227 228 Summary questions, Merdeka Curriculum: Chapter 6.

Key Answers to 7th Grade Math page 227 228 The independent curriculum is found in the Math Book for Grade VII Authorized Junior High School Chapter 6 Construction Space.

The book Class 7 Mathematics, page 227 228 of the Independent Curriculum, is the work of Hobri, et al.

The following article will explain the key answers to the math summary questions, questions 1 to 7 of the independent curriculum: chapter 6 on pages 227 228.

Answer key for Grade 7 Mathematics page 227 228 This independent study program can be used by parents or guardians to correct learning outcomes.

Before reviewing the answer key results, make sure that students should first answer the prepared questions.

Study illustration.
Study illustration. (

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Then use this article to correct student work.

Answer key for class 7 Mathematics book page 227 228 Independent curriculum

Question number 1

Fill in….with the correct number or words.

(1) A spatial structure composed of floors is called…..

(2) If the lines do not intersect in space and are in one plane, then…. . If I’m not in a field then…. .

(3) The circumference ratios are expressed in Greek letters….

(4) The circumference of a circle of radius r cm is….cm, and its area is …..cm2.

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