Key answers for grade 7 Mathematics Page 229 Independent curriculum: practical application

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TRIBUNNEWS.IT – Answer key for Grade 7 Mathematics page 229 Practical application, Independent curriculum.

Key Answers for Grade 7 Mathematics 229 Page Independent Curriculum is found in the Grade VII Licensed Junior High School Math Book, Chapter 6 Construction Space.

Page 229 of the Independent Curriculum book Class 7 Mathematics is the work of Hobri, et al.

The following article will explain the key of the mathematical answers to the practical application of the independent curriculum on page 229.

Answer key for Grade 7 Mathematics page 229 Independent curriculum can be addressed to parents or guardians to correct learning outcomes.

Before reviewing the answer key results, make sure that students should first answer the prepared questions.

Schoolboy illustration.
Schoolboy illustration. (freepick)

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Then use this article to correct student work.

Answer key for grade 7 math textbook page 229 Independent curriculum

Processed rice served in a cone shape accompanied by side dishes is called Nasi Tumpeng.

In ancient times, tumpeng rice was served as a form of gratitude to Almighty God.

Now, Nasi Tumpeng is served at parties or certain occasions.

(1) We want to coat the surface of the tumpeng with small ball-shaped cakes.

Calculate the area that the cake will cover.

(2) We cut the tumpeng in half so that the height is the same.

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