Kuta – Indonesian diamond on the island of gods

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You won’t find a better place for entertainment, nightlife and budget accommodation than Kuta, at least on the island of Bali. The easiest way to reach Kuta is a journey from Ubud, which takes about 90 minutes.

In the Via Poppies Gang II, there are hundreds of stalls where you can literally buy anything and everything. Don’t forget to bargain, as the vendors are eager to wait! If you are a mall lover, you will definitely enjoy yourself Discoverywhich is a modern shopping mall.

Tropical fruits – Bali, Indonesia

Evenings in Kuta

The streets are usually crowded with tourists, most of them usually are young Australians. You can also hear Russian, Czech AND German, Obviously. Bearing in mind that there are a lot of tourists, you will also find a bunch of tour agencies in Kuta, they can offer all kinds of water sports, island tours, but also transportation to the Gili islands which are close to Lombok. Depending on the type of transport service, the costs may vary. By the sea, you’ll notice some luxury resorts with swimming pools and beautiful and expensive bungalows.

Traffic jam in Kuta – Bali, Indonesia

During the evening, there are even more people on the streets of Kuta. Some places in the city are so crowded traffic jams they are inevitable, or, better to say, habitual. On the streets, as on the beaches, people behave quite liberally.

Nightclub in Kuta – Bali, Indonesia

It is not uncommon to meet a large number of well-dressed girls, ready for a party. There are a lot of discos and clubs, and the real thing starts after midnight. Until then, things are heating up at the bars. One of the interesting facts is that different sporting goods and shoe shops do not close all night. Their marketing strategies are actually quite funny: the young people who work there attract customers by playing house music.

Seafood Festival – Bali, Indonesia

As we have already mentioned, prices in Kuta are quite low. To have a solid meal, like chicken with cheese, ham and fries, you don’t have to spend more than 55,000 IDR, including drinks. Some of the best places to eat in Kuta are:

· Kuta Beachwalk Mall

On the terrace of the mall there are stands with typical indonesian food and all around are tables for eating, like a picnic. The payment system is quite interesting – you will see the main counter, where you will pay money for a special card.

You will use the card to pay for food served at any of the stands. The amount you have not spent will be returned to you at the end of the meal at the same counter. Each stand serves different types of food.

· The iron

If you need a relaxed dinner or a drink, you should go to the beach Seminyak and enjoy your dinner in this place. The iron it is a wonderful restaurant with sofas and chairs placed in the sand, on the beach. The place is colourful, lively and has live music or DJs. It’s an excellent place to to chill outespecially popular with young people.

Kuta beaches

Kuta beach – Bali, Indonesia

Despite waves on the coast of Kuta can be up to two meters high, you will not see this empty beach. The long sandy area is covered in towels and quite crowded most of the time. However, you shouldn’t be surprised by this, since Kuta beach is said to be home to the best sunsets in the world. As one of the most important attractions of the island, with its many seafood restaurants on the coast, Kuta beach is also said to be an ideal place for romantic couples.

Extra tip: Find out the exact time of sunset and arrive half an hour early to get a table. You will enjoy this spectacular spectacle of nature.

Nusa Dua Beaches

Nusa Dua Beach – Bali, Indonesia

Nusa Dua beaches in Bali could be a perfect place for you if you are looking for tranquility and absolute relaxation. Crystal clear waters and sandy beaches where you can see the native fishermen, rest in a hammock and enjoy the moment, it is definitely worth coming to Kuta. In fact, these are some of the main reasons why a large number of people from all over the world come back to this place.

Extra tip: Watch the squirrels! When you least expect it, these little kids will be on your table stealing peanuts.

Once you enter the area of Nusa Duawhich is one of the most popular (and, sadly, most expensive) tourist areas on the islandyou shouldn’t skip the visit Vihara Satya Dharma. You will recognize its beauty eastern temples and towerspartially surrounded by walls and fences.

Satya Dharma Vihara – Bali, Indonesia

The external altars are not as important as the internal ones, but their decoration represents allegorically The Buddhist paradise with its heroes and gods it will enchant you. In the indoor area, you will be able to see symbols of the main deities.

THE 8,000 m2 of the host area 18 gods and goddessesincluding the main deity, And Cha, the great fighter against injustice. Na Cha is represented as a young deity, flying through the air.

The building was inaugurated in August 2012, and immediately after its opening attracted the attention of believers. Hundreds of them came to pray there, especially during the first and fifteenth days of the Chinese calendar month.

Even though the city of Kuta may seem like a busy place mainly oriented towards young people looking for an active holiday with great nightlife and adventurous daily activities, this part of the island can be a really good option for everyone, even for those who they want to find their own quiet coastal corner. It’s up to you which kind of lifestyle you prefer, and we’re here to give you a tip: don’t hesitate to try everything Kuta has to offer!

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