Latest earthquake May 22, 2023: Magnitude 3.2 shakes Tapanuli, M 4.8 Rocks Kmarora of Central Sulawesi

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TRIBUNNEWS.IT – The Meteorology, Climatology and Geophysics Agency (BMKG) detected several earthquakes this morning, Monday (22/5/2023).

Most recently, the BMKG recorded an earthquake in downtown Tapanuli, North Sumatra which was uploaded via the BMKG’s Twitter account @infoBMKG.

The earthquake has a magnitude (M) of 3.2.

The earthquake in central Tapanuli, North Sumatra occurred at 05:57 WIB.

And with the coordinates of 1.64 N latitude, 98.87 E longitude, the location is 7 km southeast, Central Tapanuli, North Sumatra.

Depth 96 km,“, wrote the BMKG’s tweet.

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In the upload, BMKG added disclaimer:

This information prioritizes speed, so the results of data processing are not stable and may change along with the completeness of the data.”

Earthquake in Kamarora

#Earthquake (UPDATE) May:4.8, 22-May-23 00:31:01 WIB, Lok:1.12 South Latitude, 120.23 East Longitude (epicenter was on the ground), Depth:5 Km Felt (MMI) III – IV Pal├╣, II-III Poso #BMKG

Earlier, the BMKG, via its @infoBMKG tweet, reported an earthquake in the Kmarora Sea, Central Sulawesi.

The earthquake was felt as far away as Palu as far as Poso.

The earthquake was of magnitude 4.8.

The earthquake occurred in Kmarora, Central Sulawesi at 00:31 WIB.

And with the coordinates of 1.12 south latitude, 120.23 east longitude, the location is 14 km northeast of Kamarora.

“5 km deep,” wrote the BMKG tweet.

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