Lembang Begonia Garden, Bandung Selfie Tour

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Front courtyard of Lembang Begonia Gardens

Do you often hear the name Begonia Flower? Do you like selfies? Or do you like beautiful photos for social media feeds? Begonia Garden or Begonia Garden in Lembang is one of the best selfie tour in Bandung. Although the garden is not very large, the facilities are quite complete.

No less than 50 kinds of flowers, there is a cafe, souvenir sales, and of course many photo spots. Here they also accept pre-wedding photos, you know, but obviously the ticket price is different.

Begonia Flower Garden is located on Jl. Maribaya No.120 A, Langensari, Lembang, West Bandung Regency, West Java 40391. In the green area of ‚Äč‚ÄčLembang with fresh air.

I decided to have a picnic in Bandung

Selfie tourist places in Bandung

It has been two years alone at home, and accidental trips to Lampung several times, saturated in my head, have found their boiling point. So I begged my husband and kids to take them on picnics everywhere. You don’t have to go far, the main thing is that you can take pictures. Can update Instagram. And most importantly, I need a new atmosphere. Then the younger one got the idea to have a picnic in Paris van Java. But where are you going, south, north or west of Bandung? He sparked a picnic at Bandung Begonia Park.

In fact, there are many cool selfie spots in Bandung. Only if you go to West Bandung, like Pangalengan, the location is quite decent from the city center. It took about another 4 hours. While we only have time on Saturday and Sunday. With so little time, it was tiring to go back and forth from Pangalengan to Serpong.

In the end the choice fell on the safest place, Lembang. But where are you going in Lembang?

Again there is a dilemma. Since I was adamant that I should have a picnic that weekend, surfing the Internet, the first choice fell on the Begonia Flower Garden in Lembang. Plus, you see photos on Instagram that are good enough for a skinny picnic.

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Selfie tour in Bandung

Lots of selfie spots

If Bandung was nicknamed the City of Flowers in the past, it should be represented by Lembang. Although it is only a sub-district town, this area has been a resort since Dutch times. No wonder there are old hotels, some of which are over a hundred years old. The air is fresh. The natural sights entertain the eye. The land contours fluctuate with winding roads, making a trip to Lembang truly unique.

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For now, Lembang is the center of vegetable agriculture. No wonder the Vegetable Plant Research Institute is located here. Now, for those who really want to green the landscape, having a picnic looking at the residents’ vegetable gardens from the side of the road can reduce stress levels.

In the same way as flower tourism, Lembang Begonia Garden is not the only place you can go. It is fortunate that we live in the digital age where Google is very useful as a guide and tourist attractions. Just search for flower garden tours, we will be directed to many destinations.

How to reach Lembang Begonia Garden

Stopped in for breakfast at Batagor Kingsley

We are from Serpong. Use of a private vehicle. Leaving around 7 from home, the Tangerang-Bandung toll road was relatively quiet. Because it rained all night, the weather was sunny. The sky looks clean with clouds and a light blue background.

Entering the city of Bandung, still on the Cipularang Toll Road, hills and mountains stand proud with jagged peaks. Well, you don’t usually see rocky hills like this. I felt very lucky that morning.

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We didn’t go directly to Lembang Begonia Gardens. But stop first at Batagor Kingsley which is located at Jalan Veteran No.5. Find breakfast. Maybe my tastes have changed, batagor has been famous for years, and I’ve visited it many times, it doesn’t taste like it used to.

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From Veteran to Jalan Maribaya, where our first destination was, wasn’t that far. It took 46 minutes after Dago Giri. Because at some point the speed of the car slowed down due to heavy traffic.

Bandung Selfie Tour Admission Ticket Prices

Begonia fruit

Entering the page Begonia Garden, selfie tour in Lembang Bandung, friends will be quoted Rp. 25,000/per person. According to previous information, tickets can be exchanged for soft drinks. But I didn’t find it when I logged in. But as soon as I saw the well-kept garden, with blooming flowers, I immediately cheered up.

Oh yeah, the ticket price above is only for those who bring a cell phone camera. For DSLR or Mirrorless, there is an additional IDR 50,000/camera. Meanwhile, for pre-wedding photos, there’s a package from Rp. 250,000

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Lots of cute photo spots

One of the selfie spots

So, those who like to take selfies or take photos in changing costumes, this place is heaven. The manager seems to have carefully planned how the garden decoration will look good in front of the camera. Starting from the entrance, going through the garden, the textures become visually harmonious.

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Flowers are also selected from types with colored crowns. Begonia or balinea flowers will certainly dominate. The others are Cosmos flower, Celosia flower, Vinca flower, Gloxinia flower, Helianthus flower, Gomphrena flower, Calendula flower and many more.

Not only plants, the Begonia Lembang Garden also provides garden benches, various statues, miniature horses and carriages, floral arrangements for selfie objects.

Facilities, purchases of plants and souvenirs

Satisfied with taking pictures, selfies, always thirsty and it’s time to worship? Don’t worry, go to the bar. Have a drink and dinner before praying. Let it be more solemn and not make you remember the food when you face it.

Likewise for those who want to take plants home as souvenirs, they are available at Bandung Begonia Park. You can even buy fruit, you know as well as various souvenirs. The main thing is selfie picnic in the Lembang Begonia Garden, it’s complete!


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