Mahfud MD: Construction of BTS BAKTI Kominfo tower in 3T region continues

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Report by AMPONTOONS.COM reporter Gita Irawan

AMPONTOONS.COM, JAKARTA – Interim Minister of Communications and Information Technology Mahfud MD stressed that the BTS project, which was allegedly bribed by Nasdem general secretary Johnny G Plate and five other suspects, would continue.

He said the project is looking to continue because it is a multi-year project that has been going on for 14 years.

If the project doesn’t go ahead, he said, there will be losses.

“Separately, the project will work as part of our national policy strategy in the field of communication and information with sophisticated and up-to-date technology,” Mahfud told the Jakarta Ministry of Communication and Information Technology on Monday (22/5/2023). .

Mahfud also stressed that the legal case against Johnny and five other suspects will continue to be handled at the attorney general’s office.

“It is also different from the legal cases, the legal cases will continue to be done in accordance with what the Attorney General’s Office did,” Mahfud said.

More recently, Mahfud said that the tower’s base transceiver station (BTS) construction project had been planned for a long time.

The BTS tower construction project in the 3T area is very important to support the communication needs of the Indonesian people and will continue.

“I am reporting based on the results of the documents and analyzes that I have obtained, so this is a BTS project that has been planned for a long time and it is important for the Indonesian people and must be carried forward,” Mahfud said in the presidency. Palace, Jakarta, Monday (22/5/2023) .

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The project has been running since 2006 and worked well until 2019. The project only had problems in 2020 when a budget of 10 trillion of the total IDR 28 trillion was disbursed.

The issue was discovered after the liability report stated that none of the BTS towers were standing.

“However, in December, when the report had to be submitted and accounted for the use of funds, it was found that until December 2021, the commodity did not exist, the BTS towers did not exist,” he said.

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With the excuse of the Covid-19 pandemic, the project executors therefore requested an extension of the construction of the BTS until March 2022.

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