NasDem denies Rommy PPP’s statement regarding Anies Baswedan’s bid to become a vice presidential candidate

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Report by AMPONTOONS.COM reporter Fersianus Waku

AMPONTOONS.COM, JAKARTA – DPP NasDem party chairman Effendy Choirie alias Gus Choi denied reports that Anies Baswedan had opened up as a potential vice presidential candidate (cawapres).

The news was previously disclosed by the chairman of the Advisory Council of the United Development Party (PPP), Romahurmuziy alias Rommy.

“Nothing. It was written by outsiders who wanted to divide the Coalition for Change,” Gus Choi told reporters Thursday night (5/11/2023).

According to him, from the beginning there were parties that had prevented the former governor of DKI Jakarta from advancing as a presidential candidate.

“However, from the beginning there were parties that prevented Anies from advancing to become a presidential candidate,” said Gus Choi.

In fact, Gus Choi said, all the political parties (political parties) in the Coalition for Change that formed were harassed and persuaded to leave the coalition carrying Anies.

“But Alhamdulillah didn’t work. His faith is strong, he remains faithful to Mas Anies,” he said.

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As previously reported, the United Development Party (PPP) said Anies Baswedan had opened up to become a vice presidential candidate (cawapres) in the 2024 presidential election.

“Recently the information we received was disclosed (Anies became cawapres). This means that the possibility of becoming a candidate for the position of vice president also opens up,” PPP Advisory Board Chairman Romahurmuziy alias Rommy said during the YouTube Broadcast Akbar Faizal Uncensored, Thursday (5/11/2023).

However, Rommy stressed that he could not confirm the information was true.

“That’s the information I received. Whether it’s true or not, it’s obviously being cross-checked,” he said.

AMPONTOONS.COM reached out to several NasDem elites to confirm Rommy’s statement, but so far there has been no response.

FYI, Anies was supported by three political parties, namely NasDem, Prosperous Justice Party (PKS) and Democrats.

Indeed, these three political parties formed a team of eight Coalitions for Change for Unity (KPP) to process Anies’ vice presidential candidate.

The eighth team itself consisted of Nasdem election winning chairman Sugeng Suparwoto and NasDem Party DPP chairman Willy Aditya.

Then, the general secretary of the Democratic Party Teuku Riefky Hasya, the vice president of the PKS Suryo Council Sohibul Iman, and the former minister of energy and mineral resources Sudirman Said.

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