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Indonesia is famous for its natural beauty and amazing tourist destinations. Among the many beaches in Indonesia, there is a lively beach called the pink beach, you know Besides being one of the unique things Indonesia has, this beach also has stunning views that make your Instagram feeds more aesthetic. For those of you who are curious about Pink Beach, let’s dig deeper into the unique facts of this beautiful beach.

1. Apparently, Pink Beach is just a guys nickname. This beach is called Tangsi Beach

Apparently, the name of the beach which is always referred to as Pink Beach is not its real name but it is just a nickname because this beach has pink sand. The original name of this beach itself is Tangsi Beach. This name has been known since the time of Japan’s existence. This beach, which is located in Sekaroh village, Jerowaru subdistrict, East Lombok district, is really pure pink in color, you know! The pink color that comes from this beach is actually the same as the sand of the beach in general, but mixed with the presence of pink coral fragments makes the color of this beach turn pink.

2. Relax from a bunch of work? This beach is the solution!

Months of work with deadlines piling up must be stressful. Well, this beach is perfect for those of you who are too late for work, because you can use the sound waves of the sea water to relieve stress. Tangsi Beach is suitable for those of you who want to have audio therapy for stress relief. The serenity of this beach and the sound of the lazy waves are guaranteed to relieve your stress. While listening to the sea breeze, you can relax in the gazebo which is located on the headland of the island. Waaahh, I don’t want to go home!

3. Suitable for family vacation destinations

In addition to relieving stress, this beach is suitable as a family vacation list, especially for young families. As the waves at Tangsi Beach are very small, it is perfect for swimming. Don’t worry, it’s definitely safe for small children who also want to swim. Besides swimming, for you seafood lovers, Tangsi Beach is perfect for snorkelling. Don’t forget to bring your own snorkel gear, as there is no snorkel equipment for rent on the beach.

Even those who like to sunbathe need not worry, because this beach is perfect for its aesthetic view, so you won’t be bored for long sunbathing. The place is also instagrammable, you can use it as an instagrammable photo spot, especially with the candid style of walking along the beach, guaranteed, your feeds will be even more beautiful! At the same time, to further your knowledge, you can charter a fishing boat to go around the small islands and visit the caves left behind by Japan.

4. A trip that won’t get bored to the beach

It takes a long time to get to the beach rose this guys. But don’t worry, your journey won’t seem long as the scenery along the way is just as beautiful. To go to Tangsi Beach, you can choose between 2 options. The first, through the route from Mataram city to Tanjung Ringit beach due to its proximity. Bad roads can take up to 2 hours. Or you can use the sea route. From Tanjung Luar, you can immediately take a boat trip by sea, which takes about 1 hour, but on the way, you can stop at other beaches such as Pulau Pasir, Pink 2 Beach, Gili Petelu, Pink 1 Beach, and Semangkok Beach as well. . therefore, guaranteed that your trip is not boring.

5. Confused about finding anti-mainstream commercials for pre-wedding photos? Pink beach solution!

Do you need a photo spot for pre-wedding? Tangsi Beach is no less beautiful! Because of the unique color of the beach sand and the scenery that makes it too aesthetic, you won’t regret, try this tourist spot for photos. Also, those of you who also have a photography hobby, they are perfect. As the sea water is still blue it really adds an edge. Then, you don’t have to worry anymore!

Well, how? How beautiful is this beach in Tangsi? For those of you who want to visit Pink Beach, only pay for the boat transportation if you want to take a boat and the entrance fee to the beach is IDR 10,000 per person. Keep in mind that you can only visit this beach after the pandemic. Keep in mind the health protocol to break the supply chain, okay?

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