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It is no stranger to this short break. Especially for us workers who have endless daily activities. Apart from that we know that waiting for free time or long leave rations are not necessarily obtainable. So that only free time is what we often have, namely only on weekends.

Don’t be discouraged yet! Even a short weekend getaway can be precious and memorable for you. Here are some quick vacation tips so that these weekends are treasured and memorable. Check it out below

  1. Don’t plan too much

Often too many plans can cause a plan to be cancelled. Try to dare to make spontaneous decisions that can sometimes make a vacation memorable. Though when making a plan, it must be prepared as well as possible, but remember that too much will produce bad results. One of the right tips for this short break is to get used to looking for information on interesting holiday promotions and references to interesting places in the area that will be visited for a long time. So that when we make spontaneous decisions we have many references to the destination we are going to.

  1. Plan before you leave

The decision to take a weekend vacation often seems sudden. However, it’s a sudden matter that we also have to make plans to determine which destinations we will go to, what means of transportation we will use when we leave, and what we will use while at our destination. right accommodation. This is useful to know which one is cheaper and more profitable for us. Then there is another thing that needs to be planned, namely the activities during the destination, such as which places to visit, which food is typical there so that you don’t waste your time.

  1. Select the closest holiday destination

When someone wants to take a vacation, obviously a destination is one of the most important points. Where can it be said that choosing a destination is complicated, why? Because of the various vacation destinations, there are obviously many benefits to each and this makes for many considerations. Suitable advice so that this short break is not a waste of time during the trip, so the most suitable thing is to choose a holiday destination that is nearby.

There are many things to enjoy on holiday in far-flung destinations, but this will narrow down this short holiday period. For example, when you choose a vacation destination in a distant place, it will take you more than 2 hours to go and return. Meanwhile, if we go on vacation to a nearby place, the time taken to get there and back won’t be as long as going to a distant place, so we can spend more time on other activities.

  1. Check the calendar often

Do you feel that a 3 day vacation is not enough? If time off isn’t an option, all you have to do is check your calendar frequently to find out about red dates. Take advantage of the additional days off because red dates are always a fun choice. Especially if the red date coincides with a local festival that we can visit. In addition to knowing the national red dates, you also need to know the celebration calendar and local events in your chosen destination. Who knows, your destination will be holding a celebration that you can attend later.

  1. Search for information on transport and accommodation

Transport and accommodation are two very important things during the holidays, especially for those who want to go on holiday outside the city. Instead, choose the transport with the fastest mileage. Also, determine a strategic accommodation with access to transportation and your destination. You can find strategic accommodations on travel websites. Like Nusatrip, which offers many strategic accommodations that you can look for in locations close to where you are going. So if you’ve found the right accommodation, don’t hesitate to book a room right away before someone else makes the reservation.

  1. Prepare funds and use them wisely

It is important to calculate the funds that will be spent on this short vacation plan. Make sure your budget is sufficient without spending too much. You can do this by finding out the costs you will incur. for example, such as the price of admission to the intended vacation spot. Next, determine which transport to use. From the information research you’ve done, it can be very helpful in determining the right transportation for your short break. In addition, you can take advantage of the promotions offered by online travel agencies. Use your money as wisely as possible and don’t go overboard with buying things that shouldn’t be bought.

  1. Pay attention to the amount of luggage

Pay attention to your luggage is also very necessary to pay attention to, because this short vacation has a very short time. So, if you have too much luggage when you leave, it will be difficult for you to bring souvenirs home from your destination. Also, if you travel by plane and carry too much luggage, the budget you have prepared will be wasted on paying for luggage. Besides that, when you go on a short vacation by yourself, it will be difficult for you to carry a lot of luggage when you come home after a vacation.

  1. Watch your health

Your health condition is the most important thing when traveling. Make sure your body is fit and healthy when you travel. If you do not feel fit the day before departure, we advise you not to continue your journey. Because if you force your body to go on, there are fears that your condition will worsen due to lack of rest and even your short vacation will be less memorable. While traveling, be sure to also carry supplies of vitamins that can help maintain your health. Thus, the body does not fall over easily and is ready to go back to work the next day.

  1. Look back to the original purpose

Remember the original purpose for which you chose to take a short vacation, which was to have fun on the weekends. Because if you go on vacation, it will just weigh on your mind. This vacation will not be memorable for you. So enjoy your short break according to the plan you have previously agreed upon and enjoy the ambiance and facilities provided in the destination or destination of your choice.

  1. Book airline tickets and hotels on Nusatrip. com

When you want a short break, obviously the most important thing you need to prepare are the departure and return tickets. Apart from this, you also need to find the right accommodation so that your vacation can go according to what you have planned. On you can get cheap prices for tickets and accommodation. So that it does not exceed the budget you have prepared.

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