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May 2023 – Who agrees? when you watch korean dramas, there are usually a lot of conversations that make you talkative. With this habit it is really helpful to improve your language skills. Especially when you know what those words mean.

Here we will discuss the Korean language you can learn. So, when you want to go to Korea, you already know the everyday language that you will more or less use while there. Check out the explanation below.

  1. Do you accept credit card payments?

When Temanusa wants to make purchases, and wants to use the credit card as a means of payment. Sure, sure, Temanusa has to first ask whether or not the store accepts credit card payments.

Under conditions like this. Temanusa can say “Kah-deu bat-euh-seh-yo? (카드 받으세요?)” which means you accept credit cards.

Based on the level of credit card usage, South Korea has a fairly high level of credit card usage, so Temausa has a high probability that you can use a credit card to pay for groceries.

  1. Exchange goods

When shopping, one of the most important things is to see the condition of the goods you want or have already purchased. Where this is done to ascertain if there are any shortages, or faults or lost after purchase. When the conditions found are defective goods, Temanusa must notify the store employee and ask for an exchange of goods.

Temanusa can use the phrase “Gyo-hwan-heh ju-seh-yo (교환해 주세요)” which means please exchange my item.

When Temanusa requests to exchange goods with good reason, it is very likely that the exchange of goods can be done.

  1. Please call the police

South Korea is in fact one of the countries with a low crime rate. But as a newcomer, of course, this still has to be considered.

You should know that the emergency number you can call in case of an emergency is 112. But, when you are in a hurry or under pressure, you can say Kyung-chal / kyung-chal-eul bu-reu-seh-yo (경찰 / 경찰 을 부르세요) which means police or call the police for native Koreans around you.

  1. I need a doctor

The body feels unwell when visiting other people’s countries, it’s really an unpleasant condition. But this condition can also be caused by extreme weather conditions and climatic transitions that cause the body’s condition to plummet. In this situation, you will obviously need the help of a doctor.

Temanusa can say Uie-sah-gah pil-yo-he-yo (의사가 필요해요) which means I need a doctor. Friends should know that the emergency number for ambulances and firefighters in South Korea is 119.

  1. Greet

The easiest conversation when you want to visit Korea is to say hello to other people. Temanusa can greet someone by saying “Annyeonghaseyo (안녕하세요)”. If the person being greeted is younger, your friend can simply say “Annyeong (안녕)”.

When you want to greet someone who is the same age as Temanusa, you can bow your head and if you are older, you can bow your head deeper.

  1. Thank you

Another of the most basic conversations is when you want to say thank you. There are actually many ways to say thank you, but the safest is to say “Kamsahamnida (감사합니다)”. The body gestures you make also depend on the age of the person you are talking to.

  1. I am sorry

Visiting other people’s countries is obviously something you need to pay attention to, namely the culture, customs and regulations that exist there. This is very helpful in minimizing the errors that occur.

So when Temanusa accidentally makes a mistake, an important word to remember is “Joesonghabnida (죄송합니다)” which Temanusa must say when apologizing.

  1. Meet someone

After meeting someone Temanusa can say “Manaso Bangabseumnida (방갭셈니다)” which means nice to meet you.

  1. Excuse me

When Temanusa wants to ask a question or get someone’s attention. Temausa can say “Jeogiyo (저기요)” which can mean hello or sorry.

  1. Please give me

It can be said that it is less memorable on vacation but you do not taste the typical food of the destination country. When you want to order or buy food, you can say “Juseyo (주세요)” which means please give me.

So when Temanusa wanted to buy Kimbab. Friends can say “Kimbab juseyo (김밥 주세요)” which means please give me Kimbab. And when the food arrives or is received, don’t forget to say “Kamsahamnida (감사합니다)”.

  1. Speak English

When you’re on vacation in Korea and want to ask something but you don’t know the Korean language, can you say “Yeongo halsu isseoyo? (영어 할수있어요)” which means you can speak English.

  1. Inquire somewhere

When you visit other countries for vacation, there are obviously many places you want to visit. But the condition encountered is often not sure where the place is.

Linguistic differences certainly make communication between Temanus and the local population difficult. So you can get around this by showing a photo of the place you want to visit and saying “Yeogiga eodiyeyo? (여기가 어디예요)” which means where is here.

  1. Ask for help

When you want to ask other people in Korea for help. Temanusa can say “Silyejiman, jom dowajul su issseubnikka? (실례지만, 좀 도와줄 수 있습니까)” which means sorry, can you help me. Remember don’t forget to bow a little when you start a conversation, okay?

  1. Ask the bathroom

When you are in an urgent condition and need to use the toilet. Temanusa can say “Hwajangshil eodiyeyo? (화장실 어디에요)” which means where is the bathroom.

  1. Ordering food

You want to call the waiter when you want to order or ask for something. Temanusa can call him by saying “Jeogiyo”, after the waiter arrives. You can say “Naneun jumunhal geos-ida (나는 주문할 것이다)” which means I want to order.

  1. Number of food ordered

When you want to order food and point at the menu, Temanusa can say “Igeo hana juseyo (이거 하나 주세요)” which means give me one or if your order is for two portions, you can say “Igeo dui ga juseyo (이거 두개 주세요)” which means please give me these two.

  1. Ask for the price

Temanusa wants to shop and wants to ask for the price of the selected item. Temanusa can say “Igeo eolmayeyo? (이거 얼마예요?)” which means how many of these.

  1. Wait a minute – Jamsimanyo

When you search for the address you want to go to and ask a Korean person, but the person replies or explains too quickly and you want to write it. Temanusa can object by saying “Jamsimanyo (잠시만 요)” which means wait a moment.

So, this is the daily Korean conversation you need to master when you want to travel to South Korea!

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