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On Nyepi day, which is the New Year in the Balinese Saka calendar, the island of Bali turns off all lights and sounds, stops traffic, abandons all worldly activities and meditates, while silence and serenity reign over the whole island .

This year, Nyepi falls tomorrow, March 22, 2023!


Therefore, travelers planning to fly to or from Bali on or around this date should note: On this day, the entire island of Bali will go into complete shutdown, or “lockdown” mode, to allow everyone to follow the prescribed rituals. Bali’s Ngurah Rai International Airport will be closed. No aircraft will land or take off for 24 hours. All traffic through Bali will be stopped. All shops are closed. No pedestrian traffic is allowed on the beach or in the streets. There will be local sentries known as pecalangs to make sure this rule is strictly adhered to. At night, all lights will need to be turned off. Hotels will close all curtains so that no ray of light shines outside. All sounds and music indoors should be kept at the lowest volume.


In the afternoon before Nyepi, today March 21, however, the celebrations take place with large papier-mâché giants, called Ogoh-Ogoh, paraded on the beach accompanied by loud gamelan music. These are then set on fire and it is believed that with the fire the evil spirits who have brought disease and misery to the island during the past year have also been banished.


The day after Nyepi, which falls on March 23 this year, is called Ngembak Geni. This is the time when Balinese Hindus visit families, neighbors and relatives to exchange forgiveness, somewhat similar to the Muslim custom of Ied Al Fitri in Indonesia. They will also lead the Dharma Canthi by reciting Slokas, Kekidung and other religious scriptures. Although the series of rituals takes place practically all over the island, the best time to witness the festivities is on the eve of Nyepi, when people parade the streets with the ogoh-ogoh. The large effigies will then be burned on the beach.


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