Observer criticizes proposed revision of TNI law which extends to budget affairs

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Tribunnews reporter, Choirul Arifin

AMPONTOONS.COM, JAKARTA – The MoD has yet to respond to the draft TNI law revision proposing to amend the TNI budget provisions independently of the ministry, regarding Article 66 originally proposed by the MoD in the form of the defense budget.

In the proposed version, TNI HQ proposed that the APBN for Defense be presented and run independently. Meanwhile, the relationship with the Ministry of Defense is limited to coordination.

This proposal is reinforced in Article 67, where the TNI Commander who originally submitted a proposal to the Minister of Defense (Menhan), in the revised draft the TNI Commander immediately presented the Budget Support and Military Operations Budget Support to the finance minister (Minister of Finance).

As regards the responsibility contained in article 68, in the revised draft it is carried directly by the Commander of the TNI to the Minister of Finance, no longer to the Minister of Defence.

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Critics of the draft included various observers, such as Khairul Fahmi of the Institute for Security and Strategic Studies.

He said the TNI budget issue has yet to find a clear point between the TNI and related ministries.

“This is actually problematic, because even the existing budget doesn’t fully meet the needs of the TNI,” Khairul said.

Previously, budget transparency within the TNI and MoD also received attention from the Supreme Audit Agency (BPK) in 2022.

The findings concern assets at the MoD and TNI worth IDR 531.96 billion. Out of which about IDR 235.26 billion is used for reserve component training (Komcad).

The BPK noted that the activity to form Komcad in 2021 was carried out before the budget allocation in the APBN and was done before the activity contract was issued.

Draft draft revision of Law no. 34 of 2004 concerning the TNI, in 2019 an academic text (nasmic) was in fact created which can be downloaded from the BPHN website.

This means that if you look at nasmic, the Babinkum TNI actually coordinated with BPHN Kumham in designing the overhaul.

In this nasmic, the urgency for change includes (1) nomenclature changes, such as the term department to ministry; (2) placement of TNI in civilian positions; and (3) raise the working age limit.

In the annex to the bill in the nasmik, there was no earlier discussion of separating the budget of the TNI from the Ministry of Defense.

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