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Ohoidertawun Beach is one of the many beautiful beaches in the Kei Islands. This beach is located in Ohoi Ohoidertawun village, Kei Kecil district, Southeast Maluku regency. Ohoidertawun Beach is a sloping beach. At low tide, the beach will instantly transform into a large field that extends more than 200 meters into the sea. Quite a few tourists playing football at low tide. To the east of the beach are interesting coral reefs. There are cave paintings on the cliffs. The painting depicts human figures, animals, boats and others in red. This painting becomes mystical and full of mystery. The charm of Ohoidertawun Beach will amaze you. Perfect beaches and rock paintings will be an unforgettable pleasant experience. Relax on the beach and enjoy the beauty of nature. You seem to come alive when you spend time on this beach.

Photo cr: https://www.priceza.co.id/guide/Wisata-Pulau-Kei/1388

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