PAN calls Jokowi victim of victim game accused of jealousy of some political figures and parties in 2024 election

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Report by AMPONTOONS.COM reporter Fersianus Waku

AMPONTOONS.COM, JAKARTA – PAN Viva Yoga Vice President Mauladi said President Joko Widodo (Jokowi) was a victim of playing victim in the 2024 presidential election (Pilpres).

Playing the victim is the attitude of someone who deliberately blames others.

This is related to Jokowi’s position, which is considered by a number of parties to be part of the process ahead of the 2024 presidential election.

Viva stressed that President Jokowi has never banned any Indonesian citizen from advancing in the presidential electoral contest.

“But Pak Jokowi often becomes a victim of the victim game, which builds a narrative that the government has stumbled, assaulted some political figures and parties,” Viva told reporters on Tuesday (9/5/2023).

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Viva stressed that there is nothing wrong with President Jokowi wanting to determine the next leader.

“Indeed, what’s the matter if President Jokowi leans towards a figure who he believes can continue development and make changes for the nation and the state?” he said.

According to him, this is not a problem as long as it complies with the law (UU).

“This is guaranteed by law as long as the president does not abuse power or abuse power using state structures and power,” Viva said.

Viva explained that the president’s office is a political office and a public office.

“Talking about politics or getting involved in the political process is something that can’t be avoided, like a necessity or taken for granted,” he said.

In addition, he explained that there was nothing wrong with President Jokowi meeting with the leaders of political parties (political parties) of the ruling coalition to discuss.

“In fact, this must be done so that government management can be good, strong, to achieve clean government and good governance,” he added.

As is known, Jokowi has recently been criticized for being considered a promoter or supporter of certain presidential candidates.

Former Vice President Jusuf Kalla even criticized Jokowi for running the cawe-chawe in the presidential elections.

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