PKS Faction Member Asks Dani Ramdan To Join PJ Bekasi’s Proposal To Become Regent

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AMPONTOONS.COM, JAKARTA – DPRD Deputy Chairman of Bekasi Regency of Prosperous Justice Party (PKS) faction Muhammad Nuh said that DPRD of Bekasi Regency had submitted 3 proposed names for Bekasi Acting Regent to the Ministry of Home Affairs.

This can be read in the letter number: RT.04/602-DPRD/2023 of 5 April 2023 which follows the letter of the Ministry of the Interior n. of 27 March 2023.

In the letter, DPRD of Bekasi Regency proposed three names to become candidates for the post of Regent of Bekasi, namely R. Yana Suyatna – Chief of Transportation Service of Bekasi Regency, Dani Ramdan – Chief Executive of BPBD of Province of West Java and A. Koswara – head of the transport service of the province of West Java.

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“From the results of the leadership meeting, the majority of factions in the Bekasi Regency (DPRD) have decided to propose three names of the incumbent Bekasi Regent. First Yana, second Dani Ramdan, third Koswara,” Muhammad Nuh said on Wednesday (17/5/2023).

Muhammad Nuh admitted that his party had proposed three different names for Acting Bekasi Regent.

However, the letter was canceled due to the emergence of a new letter from the Ministry of Internal Affairs under the number dated March 27, 2023 addressed to the DPRD Bekasi Regency.

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“Look, there are the first two that we have actually presented, they are already valid. Then after that a letter from the Ministry of the Interior came, then the faction agreed that the first letter of proposal was canceled because there was a reason why the Ministry of Home Affairs did not consider that the first letter was due to the decline of the latest letter from the Ministry of Home Affairs,” said M Nuh.

Due to the emergence of the latest letter from the Ministry of Home Affairs, the DPRD of Bekasi Regency has again held a leadership meeting to propose names to become the Acting Regent of Bekasi whose term will expire in May 2023.

“Then we keep the title, we offer the factions to send a letter written by each faction, the three desired names of the factions. So it’s not creativity of the leadership, it’s all from the proposals of the factions,” he said.

The PKS politician said that based on a mutual agreement with the majority of DPRD factions, it was agreed that the three proposed names would be submitted directly to the Ministry of Internal Affairs to serve as a basis for consideration.

“Since the most recent letter, the factions have agreed to propose three names of the next interim regent. The first is Yana, the second is Dani Ramdan, the third is Koswara,” he said.

Nuh also pointed out that until now the DPRD has never rejected a letter that has been agreed by the majority of this faction. If any party acts on behalf of the DPRD and rejects Dani Ramdan’s proposal to become Bekasi Regent again on an interim basis, Nuh said it could be that the party was unaware of the latest letter.

“We don’t answer to that person, in the sense that we answer to the institution, maybe it could be because he didn’t participate (in the meeting),” he explained.

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For information, Iin Farihin, DPRD Member of Bekasi Regency, previously stated that Dani Ramdan was not included in the proposal of DPRD of Bekasi Regency to become Acting Regent of Bekasi, because according to his knowledge the proposed ones were Yana Suyatna, Rahmat Atong and Koswara.

Therefore, if the Ministry of Home Affairs and the West Java Provincial Government extend Dani Ramdan’s position as Bekasi’s acting regent, his party will take massive action.

“If Dani Ramdan becomes acting regent of Bekasi again, there will be continued resistance from the people of Bekasi, especially from us in Bekasi DPRD regency,” Iin Farihin said as quoted by various media outlets.

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