Police call Oplos LPG Gas Hospital in the chicken coop behind the base

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Report by AMPONTOONS.COM reporter Fahmi Ramadhan

AMPONTOONS.COM, JAKARTA – South Jakarta Metro Police said RS (46) mixed LPG gas cylinders of various sizes in a chicken coop behind his gas cylinder base.

“So the injection activity took place in a plot-sized chicken coop. So the injection was done there,” the South Metropolitan Police Criminal Investigation Unit chief said on Thursday (5/11/2023). Jakarta, AKBP Irwhandy to reporters, Thursday (5/11/2023).

Irwhandy explained that the location of the chicken coop was behind the suspect’s owned LPG base in Kebayoran Lama area, South Jakarta.

“Yes (correctly) at his place of business,” he explained.

Irwhandy RS explained that he has been blending LPG gas for the past five years.

Irwhandy also explained that the disclosure of the practice was based on reports from the public that they were aware of the mixed gas practice.

“So it’s really disguised the location of the injection activity in the chicken coop. So there are people reporting that,” he concluded.

It was earlier reported, the South Jakarta Metropolitan Police Criminal Investigation Unit managed to uncover the practice of mixing contents of LPG gas cylinders of various sizes by a suspect with initials RS(46) in the area of Kebayoran Lama, South Jakarta.

South Jakarta Metropolitan Police Criminal Investigation Unit Chief AKBP Irwhandy said his group managed to disclose the incident on May 8, 2023.

“The modus operandi in question is to mix or transfer the contents of a 3 kilogram subsidized gas cylinder to unsubsidized gas with a size of 12 kilograms and 5.5 kilograms,” Irwhandy said at a news conference at the police South Jakarta Metro, Thursday (5/11/2023).

Meanwhile South Jakarta Metropolitan Police Deputy Criminal Investigation Commissioner Henrikus Yossi, RS, who works as a gas cylinder salesman, engages in mixing to boost profits.

As for the method used, explained Yossi, for a 5.5 kg cylinder, the RS uses 2 x 3 kg LPG gas cylinders to mix its 5.5 kg gas content.

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“Meanwhile, to mix a 12-kilogram tube, you need four 3-kilogram tubes of melon or green color,” he explained.

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