Popular Regional: Body parts find history in Solo – Elementary school boy killed by classmates

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TRIBUNNEWS.IT – Following regional popular news AMPONTOONS.COM for the last 24 hours.

Timeline of the discovery of human remains in three different locations in Solo and Sukoharjo, Central Java.

Then, a couple in Kolaka bought a Fortuner with a piggy bank full of cash.

Thus, the death of the daughter of the interim governor of the mountains of Papua was allegedly due to sexual assault.

Also, an elementary school boy in Sukabumi, West Java, died after being beaten by his elders while at school.

In other news, the mystery of the disappearance of the Ganesha statue on the brow of Mount Bromo has finally been solved.

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The following regional popular news AMPONTOONS.COM in the last 24 hours:

1. Timeline of the discovery of human body parts in 3 different locations in Solo

The following is a timeline of the discovery of human body parts at three different locations in and around Solo on Sunday (5/21/2023).

Sukoharjo Police Chief AKBP Sigit revealed that the first body parts were found on the banks of Pringgolayan River in Cemani Village, Grogol District, Sukoharjo at 0915 WIB.

The body part that was found was the left arm.

Then, another body piece was found in the form of the calf of the left lower leg in Palur village, Mojoloban district, Sukoharjo, at 11:30 WIB.

“The leg was found on the bank of the Bengawan Solo River. I happened to be with the community, volunteers and the TNI who were also carrying out an immediate evacuation,” he explained, quoted by TribunJateng.com.

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