Profile of Deputy Governor of Lampung worth IDR 13 billion scared of loan and similar to Bu Tejo Film View

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AMPONTOONS.COM, JAKARTA – One by one officials from Lampung province were summoned by the KPK regarding their assets.

Lampung Deputy Governor Chusnunia Chalim has to deal with KPK, he was summoned by KPK on Wednesday (17/5/2023) tomorrow.

Meanwhile, the head of Lampung’s health office, Reihana Wijayanto, has already been investigated by the KPK for clarifications on his assets.

Previously, Reihana’s glamorous lifestyle went viral and was highlighted by netizens.

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Based on the research results, Chusnunia Chalim has assets of up to IDR 13.6 billion.

The LHKPN was last reported to the KPK on March 7, 2022 for the 2021 period.

Until now, Chusnunia Chalim’s latest LKHPN report for 2022 could not be found at

The following is the profile of the Deputy Governor of Lampung Chusnunia Chalim who is active, according to the story he was once terrorized by a loan officer, defended Tiktoker Bima and was called similar to Bu Tejo from the film Tilik.

Not only that, Chusnunia Chalim has previously been investigated by the Corruption Eradication Commission (KPK) in connection with a corruption case.

Tomorrow KPK calls Lampung Deputy Governor Chusnunia Chalim for clarification on LHKPN

The Commission for the Elimination of Corruption (KPK) will summon the deputy governor (Wagub) of Lampung, Chusnunia Chalim, to clarify the state administration wealth report (LHKPN).

The agenda for the convocation is set for Wednesday (17/5/2023).

“The deputy governor of Lampung, what I saw was the schedule for May 17, 2023, he was invited for clarification,” KPK Prevention and Monitoring Deputy Pahala Nainggolan said on Monday (15/5/2023). .

Based on the research results, Chusnunia Chalim has assets of up to IDR 13.6 billion.

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