Profile of Indonesian National Team Valorant who won first gold in eSports at SEA Games 2023

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TRIBUNNEWS.IT – Below are the profiles of the seven Indonesian Valorant National Team players who won their first eSports gold medal at the SEA Games 2023.

The gold medal obtained by Indonesia was surpassed after going through a long drama with Singapore in the final match.

The drama includes the abuse bug exploited by Singapore when she uses Agent Cypher with her camera skills.

The grand final, which was due to play last Wednesday (5/10), then proceeded to Thursday (5/11) due to a bug abuse incident that occurred.

Indonesia won a gold medal in e-sports, PC Valorant issue, on Thursday (5/11/2023).
Indonesia won a gold medal in e-sports, PC Valorant issue, on Thursday (5/11/2023). (Instagram screenshot @kemenpora)

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After being ignored by Indonesia’s complaints, the committee finally granted the option to share the gold medals for the Indonesian and Singaporean Valorant national teams.

Drama aside, the good news is that Indonesia won its gold medal at the 2023 SEA Games for eSports.

These achievements have not escaped the hard work of Valorant athletes who have played from the group stage to the final round.

Profile of the national team valiant at SEA Games 2023

1.Kevin Gunawan (Eeyoree)

Starting with Kevin “Eeyore”, one of the veteran players who defended the Valorant Indonesian national team at the 2023 SEA Games.

The player born on February 18, 1995 began his career in the world of eSports since elementary school.

The beginning of Eeyore’s online games at that time was when he tried Dota 2 and took part in various tournaments.

Subsequently, Eeyore tried the first-person shooter (FPS) genre game, namely CS: GO.

From CS: GO was the beginning of his professional playing career.

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