Puskapol UI highlights PKPU regarding women’s representation, considers democracy setback

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AMPONTOONS.COM reporter Naufal Lanten

AMPONTOONS.COM, JAKARTA – The Center for Political Studies of the University of Indonesia (Puskapol UI) assesses that there is a declining trend in female representation in election management bodies.

Puskapol UI director Huriyah said that the General Election Commission (PKPU) regulation number 10 of 2023 regarding the representation of women below 30 percent is considered a form of backwardness of democracy.

“We see how this setback occurs in the election management body as well,” Huriyah said in a virtual discussion on Sunday (7/5/2023).

He explained that this setback has occurred since the issue of PKPU number 4 of 2022 concerning the registration, verification and determination of political parties participating in general elections for members of the People’s Representative Council (DPR) and of the Regional People’s Representative Council (DPRD).

“There is the abolition of the requirement for female representation of at least 30 percent of political party management at the provincial, district/city level,” Huriyah said.

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In fact, the law number 7 of 2017 on electoral matters regulated the issue of female representation of at least 30 percent.

The rule is actually already coercive.

So, said Huriyah, PKPU No. 10 of 2023 which in article 8 paragraph 2 contains a new clause which states that the determination of female representation in the candidacy is based on the rounding of the figures.

“Several simulations have been attempted by civil society organizations and research institutes. If we round it down, the number of women who will be in the nomination will not reach 30 percent,” she said.

For information, the KPU opens up the possibility of rounding the decimals down if the calculation of 30 per cent of female representation results in a decimal number lower than five points.

Article 8 of the KPU Regulation n. 10 of 2023 relating to the candidacy of members of the RI Presidential Decree, the Provincial Presidential Decree and the Regent/Municipal Presidential Decree.

The RI KPU said the issuance of this provision was done after a number of processes, including a consultation meeting at the RI DPR and a public test when KPU regulation number 10 of 2023 was still in the draft stage.

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