Red flower, meaning and symbol all over the world

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Red tulips – When we see a flower that is blooming, our eyes automatically avert. Especially flowers with red crown petals. There is an undeniable energy to the color red. The energy that has the power to transform flowers is actually simple, so it is the focus of our attention. This is one of the reasons why many people give meaning and use it as a symbol. Red flowers are also used as a symbol of eternal love.

Red flowers represent passionate desire, power and love. With beauty, boldness, and warmth as its symbolism, it’s no surprise that receiving a bouquet full of primary-color petals makes our hearts flutter.

Yep, who doesn’t love receiving a bunch or just a bunch of red flowers? What’s more roses, duh a million tastes.

Red as primary color

Paintings of ancient humans in caves using red

Right. In the language of flowers, red traditionally conveys the deepest emotions. It symbolizes love, passion, beauty and strength.

We can see through history how important the color red is in our culture. To the red color of cave paintings made by our ancestors 17,000 years ago.

Up to now, the color red still gets the plenary honor. Launching the red carpet as a symbol of honor for those who walk on it.

These primary colors are also the first colors babies see as their vision develops.

Red is the predominant color in all societies of the world. In Chinese culture, red is a symbol of happiness. That’s why every Chinese New Year, houses, clothes and festive decorations are red.

Meanwhile, in the world of flowers, red also sends an equally strong message. It’s like a consolation of the red poppy, the romance of red roses, the beauty of red carnations, up to red chrysanthemums. Let’s take a look at the meanings and symbols of the various red flowers below

1. Meaning of the red poppy flower symbol

Red poppies

Red poppies, also known as Papaver somniferum, is one of the most popular wildflowers in the world. The red poppy is native to most of Eurasia and North Africa, but is currently best known for its occurrence in central Europe.

Red poppies represent consolation, warning and death. Similarly, the poppy is a common symbol that has been used to represent everything from peace to death and even just sleep.

Since ancient times, poppies placed on gravestones have symbolized eternal sleep. Additionally, poppies are used as a symbol around the world to remember those who died in military service.

On the other hand, there is the question of whether poppies contain narcotics?

YES This bright red flower produces sap that contains compounds found in narcotics and their derivatives. Basically everything poppies contain poison, but not all contain opium (opium). Opium poppy (Papaver somnivera) is a plant native to Eurasia, which has been cultivated for over 6000 years.

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Red roses that symbolize eternal love

Red roses as a symbol of love and passion

If there are any flowers that symbolize love so strongly, it is red roses. With their soft petals, roses have been attached to the hearts of lovers for hundreds of years. Fossil discoveries also show that red roses have been around since about 35 million years ago.

Imagine how beautiful it would be to receive a stem or bouquet of red roses for birthdays, first dates, graduations and Valentine’s Day. Or just a statement, “I love you” without needing to say much, red roses are more than enough to represent feelings.

Red roses in the western tradition

In Western culture, the red rose originates from Greek mythology. They believe the red rose was created by Aphrodite, the goddess of love. Legend has it that the flower grew from soil watered by Aphrodite’s tears and the blood of her unfortunate lover, Adonis.

Moving on to Roman mythology, the creation of the red rose has been associated with Venus, the goddess of love. As Venus runs to warn her lover, Adonis, of a plot to kill her, she cuts her ankle as she runs through a thorn bush. Her blood then turned into a red rose that blossomed wherever she touched it.

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Red carnations symbolize eternal love, the affection of a mother for her child

Red carnations are a symbol of a mother’s love for her child

Carnation flower or what is commonly called flower or Teluki flower carnation

One of the most famous stories about the meaning of the red carnation has to do with the symbolism of motherly love. Early Christians thought that the carnation arose from the spot where tears fell from the eyes of Mary, the mother of Jesus, as she carried her cross.

In 1907, the carnation became the official Mother’s Day flower. Ann Jarvis, founder of Mother’s Day, chose carnations because they were her mother’s favorite flower and symbolized the purity of a mother’s love for her.

On the first Mother’s Day, Jarvis attempted to honor his recently deceased mother by sending 500 white carnations to the church where his mother taught Sunday school.

The history of the carnation dates back to ancient Greece and Rome. At the time, carnations were mostly available in peach and pale pink. The color is thought to resemble human flesh and the meaning of the carnation takes on the Christian idea of ​​the incarnation, God becoming flesh.

This meaning of carnation goes back to the Latin root “carnis”, which means meat.

Red chrysanthemum flower, a symbol of respect

Red chrysanthemum as a symbol of love

Chrysanthemum is the flower of November and this beautiful flower has various meanings all over the world. In Asia, the chrysanthemum signifies life and rebirth, making it a great gift for birthdays and baby showers. In Europe, chrysanthemum means an expression of sympathy. Chrysanthemum is usually seen as a flower that signifies respect and honor in America.

The color of the flowers can also influence the meaning behind the chrysanthemum. For example, if you receive a red chrysanthemum from someone, it is a symbol of love. Yellow chrysanthemums on the other hand mean neglected love or grief. White chrysanthemum is a symbol of faithful loyalty and love. In general, the chrysanthemum flower is believed to represent happiness, love, longevity, and joy.

Talk a little about red flowers that symbolize eternal love and how they are used as symbols by various parts of the world.

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