Regarding Jokowi’s Recognition by Political Officials, Denny Indrayana: President’s Politics Should Not Be Partisan

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Report by Tribunnews journalist, Ibriza Fasti Ifhami

AMPONTOONS.COM, JAKARTA – Constitutional law professor Denny Indrayana said the president’s institutional policy should not be partisan.

As far as Denny is concerned, the president’s institutional policy is a national policy dedicated only to all people, no exceptions, no discrimination, no discrimination.

This was Denny Indrayana’s response to the statement by President Joko Widodo (Jokowi), who acknowledged that he is a civil servant as well as a political official.

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“This means that the president cannot engage in politics for the purposes of one group of people or only for his or her supporting political parties,” Denny said, via a written press release, Sunday (7/5/2023).

Related to this, Denny then alluded to President Jokowi, who he says still owns and holds volunteer meetings.

It is known that President Jokowi had attended the United Archipelago Movement, A Command for Indonesia last Saturday (26/11/2022) at Bung Karno Main Stadium (SUGBK), Jakarta.

Denny said it would be strange if President Jokowi still had and held volunteer meetings.

Because, he continued, the nature of the volunteers is partisan.

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“The nature of volunteers is partisan and they are born to win over the presidential candidate they support. Volunteers are an element in winning presidential candidates. For a president in power there should be no more elements of volunteers,” he said.

According to Denny, after the presidential race won by Jokowi, the volunteers should be immediately disbanded.

“As soon as he is sworn in as president, after the presidential election competition ends, the volunteer element is dissolved. The president, who still takes care of his volunteers, will continue to prolong the atmosphere of competition, and as a result, continue the divisions within his community,” he continued.

Also, Denny said, volunteers for President Jokowi are increasingly irrelevant because his term will end soon.

“He is the outgoing president, who will finish his second term as president. President Jokowi should prioritize unity (integration), because there is no more competition (competition),” said Denny Indrayana.

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