Saluopa Waterfall Poso like a flamenco dancer’s skirt

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Saluopa Waterfall Poso like a flamenco dancer’s skirt

Saluopa Poso Waterfall – Clear water rushed down from the green colored river. It’s shaded all around. Hailing from the Blue Mountains, an area that was once used as a hideout for the late Santoso. Eastern Mujahideen leader died at the hands of Indonesian authorities in 2016.

Saluopa was destroyed in Tonusu village, West Pamona, Central Sulawesi. Creating tons of water falling simultaneously, hitting rocks, creating a natural landscape that causes awe of the Creator.

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Location of the Saluopa waterfall

If you go to Lago Poso, Saluopa is not far from there. Or as I did, after enjoying the beauty of Lake Poso, the journey continues towards Val Bada. On the way, stop at the Saluopa Slide. Just 30 minutes by car, we arrived at the parking lot. There are counters available to purchase entrance tickets for Rp. 10,000/person. No difference between weekdays and holidays. The entrance ticket costs the same.

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Enjoy the tropical forest of Poso

Saluopa Slide is actually located in the coastal area. But this place has fresh air because it is located in Poso tropical forest area. As they say, 2-3 paddles is too much, see the waterfall while enjoying the aura of Poso tropical rainforest

To reach the location of the waterfall, we will take a path that cuts through the Poso tropical forest. Leaving the skin gently scrubbed and pampering the nose with the signature aroma of the rainforest.

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The canopy of trees closes together to form a canopy. Even though the sun was shining I didn’t feel the need to wear a hat.

The humid aroma carried on the wind reminds me of my childhood playground. In a remote village in the hinterland of West Sumatra.

Rotten leaves and twigs are home to animals and plants that don’t need much sunlight. Like moss crust it covers some branches and tree trunks as well as the forest floor. On the left side of the road we will hear the slow gurgling of the river water coming from the Saluopa Poso Waterfall.

History of Saluopa Poso Waterfall

Saluopa waterfall is inseparable from the history of the formation of Lake Poso and the island of Sulawesi. As we know, Lake Poso is lake tectonic format during the stacking process between the east and west plates that make up the island of Sulawesi. It lasted 12-16 million years ago.

Meanwhile, the Saluopa River has suffered a failure in the village of Tonusu, west of Pamona. When it happened, no one knows. What is clear is whether due to earthquakes or other natural events, Saluopa has formed 12 faults that have formed 12 levels of water slides.

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If the friends stand from below and look directly up, this level is like the skirts of flamenco dancers. Stack and expand. Wide at the bottom and tapering towards the top.

The terraces of these bleachers are made up of rocky outcrops, which cause the water to roar, forming sprays, white fans and sometimes reaching our faces. It’s nice.

To enjoy it, go up slowly from the left, because the stairs to go up were provided by the manager.

The higher the stairs, the smaller and steeper. Friends please be careful. At the highest level you will find a plain where adventurers like to camp there.

Now for friends who dare to go down to the terraces of each level, you can dive and bathe. Or just a selfie with a white water slide background.

So when will we Send Still?

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