Sandiaga invites industry players to collaborate to build leading health tourism destinations

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AMPONTOONS.COM reporter Eko Sutriyanto

AMPONTOONS.COM, JAKARTA – Indonesian Minister of Tourism and Creative Economy, Sandiaga Uno, calls on all stakeholders, from healthcare providers, medical personnel, hospitals, clinics, hotels, shopping malls, leisure facilities and authorities to regulation, to participate in the development of Indonesian health tourism.

This is because neighboring countries such as Malaysia and Thailand have managed to develop this sector within 15-20 years.

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“We see like Malaysia, Thailand, it takes 15-20 years but the market is from Indonesia, if we move fast, I’m sure in five years we will really match the healthcare services provided. The concept must be collaborative, it must work together,” Sandiaga Uno said in its statement on Sunday (7/5/2023).

Sandiaga said that, during 2021, of the 1.2 million Indonesian tourists who left the country, 699,000 of them sought medical treatment abroad.

“Based on these data, President Jokowi also stressed that it is important for health institutions to launch health tourism facilities to attract tourists to Indonesia for medical treatment purposes,” Sandiaga said.

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Healthcare tourism in Indonesia has great potential to develop, with unique and diverse tourist attractions as well as the support of increasingly high-quality healthcare services.

Through the development of health tourism, it is hoped that Indonesia can save foreign exchange, increase tourist visits, encourage economic growth and create new jobs in the tourism and health sectors.

The government’s wish is carried out by Ciputra SMG Eye Clinic, an eye clinic operating in Jakarta and Surabaya in partnership with Singapore Medical Group which has standard of service, ophthalmologists and qualified facilities including convenience and integrated services which are part of the health tourism.

“This collaboration makes us one of several health services supporting the Indonesian government’s program for the development of integrated health tourism,” said Ciputra SMG Eye Clinic Director, Drg. Ferra J Papilaya.

This standard overseas eye disease examination and treatment service provides benefits for domestic patients and opens up opportunities for domestic health medical tourism.

“Nearly half of the patients who are seen and treated at our clinic are from outside the city of Jakarta and Surabaya, thus it opens up opportunities for medical tourism in Jakarta and Surabaya,” he said.

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Data from the Ministry of Health in Indonesia, there are 8 million people with visual impairments, 1.6 million suffer from blindness and 6.4 million have moderate and severe visual impairments, so the market is open.

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