Solution if notification appears to choose another vacancy in BUMN 2023 Joint Recruitment Registration

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TRIBUNNEWS.IT – Registration for BUMN Joint Recruitment 2023 started on May 11, 2023.

In its implementation, there have been numerous participants who have encountered obstacles.

An example of a problem is displaying a notification “Sorry, please choose another vacancy with appropriate requirements”.

This notification appears because it does not match the vacancy qualifications selected by the participant.

The solution is to make sure your age, gender, education level, and specialty meet the requirements for a registered BUMN.

Here are a number of other hurdles:

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Why didn’t BUMN Joint Recruitment 2023 attendees receive a verification email?

This is due to the queue in the email considering the number of applicants.

It could also be due to an email entry error (typing error), the email that is verified with the registered one is different, so the email is not received.

So what is the solution if BUMN 2023 Joint Recruitment participants do not receive a verification email?

1. Make sure the email does not contain spelling errors

2. Check your inbox, promotions, spam, junk mail and all mail

3. “Mark as not spam” for emails that go to your spam folder

4. Delivery of verification email maximum 1 x 24 hours after registration

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