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Eid al-Fitr or Lebaran time is often filled with meals with family and relatives. During Eid, a variety of food and drinks are served at the dining table. Different kinds of Eid specialties include chicken opor, beef stew, ketupat, rendang, fried liver chili sauce and nastar cake. Eid specialties are usually served only during Eid. Therefore, Eid specialties are always eagerly awaited at present.

Each region or family tradition has different Eid specialties. In Indonesia, the most common Lebaran food is ketupat or lontong. Ketupat or rice cake is a heavy food substitute for rice. There are several special Lebaran foods from Betawi, Sundanese, Javanese and others adapted to the traditions of their respective regions. As in urban areas, there are modern or contemporary Eid specialties, which are currently popular.

The following are typical Eid foods often found in Indonesia:

A rumble
This typical Eid food is certainly familiar to Indonesian society. Rice-based foods which are placed in young woven coconut leaves are very popular during Eid. But some other regions are replaced with an oval-shaped rice cake wrapped in banana leaves called lontong.

Opor Ayam or chicken braised in coconut milk
It seems incomplete if there is Ketupat but there is no Opor Ayam. Chicken opor is one of the side dish choices to go with ketupat on Lebaran dishes.

Potato Fried Sambal/Balado Potato
This typical Lebaran food is also enjoyed by many people in Lebaran. Fried potato dip or potato balado is a complementary side dish in addition to chicken rendang and opor.

This special Eid dish is not to be missed. Generally, rendang is made with beef, coconut milk and spices. However, rendang can also be made with chicken, lung, mushroom, duck, and even egg.

The cooking process of rendang takes hours (usually about four hours) until all that’s left are chunks of jet black meat and bran. At room temperature, rendang can last for weeks. The rendang which is cooked in a shorter time and the coconut milk is not dry yet is called kalio, the color of which is light golden brown.

One of the typical foods of Sundanese Eid is Rengginang. Rengginang is usually served at the time of Eid, especially in Javanese villages. Rengginang is a type of cracker made from glutinous rice that is sometimes mixed with shrimp paste.

Rengginang has a crunchy and savory taste, suitable as a snack at any time. During Eid, rengginang is the main request to accompany the food of Eid specialties, especially in the homes of Sundanese or West Java people.

A typical Eid snack when getting together with family is pastries. The pastries which are always present during Eid are nastar, kastengel, Putri Salju, lidah kucing and others.


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