Starting from LHKPN and ending up as a KPK suspect, this is Andhi Pramono

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AMPONTOONS.COM reporter, Ilham Rian Pratama

AMPONTOONS.COM, JAKARTA – The Corruption Eradication Commission (KPK) has named former head of Makassar Customs and Excise Bureau Andhi Pramono as a suspect in alleged tip recipients.

The determination of the suspect against Andhi Pramono began with an examination of the State Officials Wealth Report (LHKPN), which was considered strange.

The results of the LHKPN examination are forwarded to the Investigation Directorate.

After a series of investigative processes, two pieces of evidence were collected, the KPK then submitted Andhi Pramono’s case file to the investigation stage.

β€œIt is true that right now the KPK has improved the process from the LHKPN to the investigation and is currently improving the investigation process,” KPK reporting section chief Ali Fikri said on Monday (15/5/2023).

Ali said that investigating cases like Andhi Pramono was a new model implemented by the KPK.

This model was used earlier when the KPK arrested the former Director General of Taxes at the Ministry of Finance, Rafael Alun Trisambodo.

“For this case, from LHKPN, then investigate, now fingerprint. Now it’s the investigation process,” he said.

Andhi Pramono is on the prevention list at the General Directorate of Immigration, Ministry of Law and Human Rights since May 12, 2023.

He is not allowed to leave Indonesian territory for the next six months.

“It is true, with the launch of an investigation into the alleged receipt of gratuity by one of the officials of the General Directorate of Customs and Excise, the Indonesian Ministry of Finance, the KPK filed a motion to prevent the aforementioned part is involved,” Ali said.

The preventive period for Andhi could have been extended according to the needs of the investigation team.

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“KPK hopes that the cooperative attitude of the prevented party will still be present when summoned by the investigation team,” Ali said.

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