Stories of MSME actors when applying for anti-complicated online loans

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AMPONTOONS.COM reporter, Rina Ayu

AMPONTOONS.COM, JAKARTA – The owner of the micro enterprise Azurabun Handy Craft, Cut Dian Erfina, believes that it is useful to be assisted by BRI.

The reason is that he easily obtains additional capital for his business.

“For me, entrepreneurs need capital to improve their business, for us it’s easier,” he said, met by AMPONTOONS.COM in Cilandak, Jakarta on Saturday (05/20/2023).

This Depok MSME actor said he has often received orders to make graduation dolls at a number of schools at the end of the school year.

Therefore, capital injections are needed in the process.

Dian can apply for a loan online through the BRIspot application.

“From 2022, I started joining as a mentor of BRI. Applying for company capital is easy, you can go online as long as the data is complete,” explained Dian.

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He said that, when he wanted to apply for a loan online, MSME actors were accompanied by BRI micro marketers or paramedics.

“It’s quick and easy. This can increase our enthusiasm for entrepreneurship,” he said.

Marfiyanti, an MSME player from South Tambun, Bekasi, also felt the ease of getting loans.

He, who had no capital to process orders for 1,200 amplangs in Batam, quickly took advantage of the request for People’s Business Credit or KUR BRI Grand Wisata Tambun.

As it is usually called, Marfi has asked for a loan of 70 million.

“Alhamdulillah, one day it melted immediately,” he told AMPONTOONS.COM.

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