Sued for failing to address bribery again, prosecutor comes in as related party to MK session

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Report by AMPONTOONS.COM reporter Ashri Fadilla

AMPONTOONS.COM, JAKARTA – The Indonesian Prosecutors Association (Persaja) filed as a related party in the process of the lawsuit against the Prosecutor’s Law and the Corruption Law in the Constitutional Court.

The case in question was registered under number 28/PUU-XXI/2023.

“Yesterday we filed an application, appointed a lawyer and so did I. If there is a trial, we will participate,” said Reda Manthovani, head of DKI Jakarta’s senior prosecutor’s office, who is also President I of Persaja when contacted from AMPONTOONS.COM Tuesday (16/5/2023).

Posing as a related party because the prosecutor saw an attempt by a lawyer to protect his client involved in a corruption case.

As is known, this lawsuit was filed by Yasin M Djamaludin as the plaintiff.

Yasin himself is the legal adviser to Mimika’s acting regent Johannes Rettob, a defendant in a corruption case handled by Papua’s High Prosecutor’s Office.

“This request has been made by a lawyer accused of corruption in Papua. We understand that this is an attempt by a lawyer,” said Reda.

However, Reda said prosecutors remained optimistic that the Constitutional Court would not uphold the case.

This belief arose due to three similar lawsuits in the past.

“There have been 3 previous requests like this and they have all been denied,” he said.

For information, the article subpoenaed by Yasin Djamaludin al MK refers to the Prosecutor’s authority to handle corruption cases.

In the petitum of his case, Yasin as plaintiff requested the Constitutional Court to annul Article 30 Paragraph (1) Letter D of Law Number 16 of 2004 concerning the Attorney General’s Office of the Republic of Indonesia.

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Then there is the article 39 of the law n. 31 of 1999 relating to the elimination of corruption whose repeal has been requested.

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