Sukabumi Elementary School boy beaten by classmates while in school, victim was in coma 3 days before dying

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TRIBUNNEWS.IT – A second grade elementary school boy in Sukabumi, West Java with the initials MHD (9) died after falling into a coma after being beaten by his own classmate at school last Monday (5/15/2023).

The victim, who is still in the second grade, was beaten by her superiors for 2 consecutive days.

Not only that, the beatings allegedly took place while the learning activities were still in progress.

On the first day of the beating, the victim complained of pain to her grandfather, MY (52).

This caused his grandfather to suggest that MHD not go to school earlier the next day so that he could rest.

However, MHD continued to force school on Tuesday (16/5/2023), until finally the victim was beaten again by her elders.

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“I said, if you are sick don’t go to school yet, rest at home. However, at that moment the victim insisted that she wanted to go to school.”

“Then while at school, the victim was beaten again by her superiors on Tuesday (5/16/2023),” MY said on Saturday (5/20/2023), quoted by TribunJabar.

On the second day after this beating, MHD had a seizure and was taken to the hospital on Wednesday (16/5/2023)

However, MHD was later transferred to Hermina Hospital after the hospital learned that the victim had suffered an act of violence.

Aside from the seizures, the victim was also apparently in critical condition in the hospital for 3 days.

Never admitted to being abused

The 9-year-old boy has not admitted that he was the victim of beatings from his elders at school.

To the family and the attending physician, MHD was reluctant to tell the truth even if he was forced to.

Finally, the doctor asked the victim’s family to leave the room so that MHD could tell the truth frankly.

“Eventually the doctor pretended to order the family to leave the room, and the family hid behind a curtain in the examination room.”

“From there the new victim admitted to being beaten by 3 of her elders,” said the victim’s grandfather, quoted again by TribunJabar.

As Primaya hospital did not accept patients due to the violence, the victim was transferred to Hermina hospital.

From the autopsy results, the victim suffered a ruptured blood vessel, a chest fracture, and a fractured spine.

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Police investigate MHD’s beating case

Bullying illustration
Illustration Bullying (Freepik)

After he was pronounced dead, the Sukabumi City Police investigated the case of MHD (9), who was suspected of being bullied in the form of beatings against his elders.

Sukaraja Police Chief Kompol Dedi Suryadi said the case of MHD’s alleged beating was still under investigation.

As for MHD’s death, Dedi said, he just received a report from residents and immediately met with the victim’s family.

“I’m still investigating the allegations, it’s just information (alleged beatings).”

“Since the victim’s family did not report anything to us, we only received information (and) went directly to the victim’s location,” he said on Saturday (05/20/2023), quoted by TribunJabar.

To investigate the case, his party will ask the victim’s family at the school for information.

He asked the audience not to make any wild guesses about the case which is currently still being investigated.

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