Surprised people call each other upon seeing state, Megawati explains meaning of ‘Bung’ greeting used by Soekarno

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Tribunnews reporter, Mario Christian Sumampow

AMPONTOONS.COM, JAKARTA – The 5th President of the Republic of Indonesia, Megawati Soekarnoputri explained why the 1st President of the Republic of Indonesia, Soekarno, liked to call his colleagues the greeting ‘Bung’.

He communicated this during a speech at the 58th anniversary book launch of the Indonesian National Defense Institute (Lemhannas), at the Lemhannas Building, Jalan Medan Merdeka Selatan, Central Jakarta, on Saturday (20/5/2023).

According to him the nickname ‘friend’ is so that there is no difference in status.

Megawati admits she is surprised to see how many people address her indicating a difference in status.

“Why do you call him ‘dude’? So it’s the same. Now let’s think about status, so I like to be surprised sometimes, apparently it’s protocol, if I’m from the military sometimes I suddenly say, ‘hello’, I I’m surprised too,” he said.

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Megawati drew this motif from the story of her father, whom she also sees as a mentor.

He said his father called his coworkers “dude” so that there would be no differences in status.

“Because of Bung Karno, my father is Bung, because we have summoned our colleagues with patriotic enthusiasm in the past,” said Megawati.

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“Right now it’s ‘ready general’, ‘yes, Mr. Minister’, there seems to be an impression of seeing him from the rank. In the past Bung, Bung Karno, Bung Tomo, that’s what my father told me,” he said .

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