Talaga Sampireun Vimala Hills Bogor Eat well in the fresh air

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Talaga Sampireun Vimala Hills Bogor Eat Delicious Fresh Air – It’s been a long time since I played in Bogor. Finally yesterday I was able to go back to exploring this rainy city. Actually, there was a need for work, so the plan to stop at Talaga Sampireun Bogor was disambiguate. Before going home, my husband offered me to have some fun, so I wouldn’t be late.

The dishes we tried at Talaga Sampireun Vimala Hills

Actually, I’m not really interested in walking around the city of Bogor. Jam could not stand it. So I asked to be invited to Cisarua Peak.

I don’t know what to do next at the top. What is clear at home is saturated and it’s time for a change of atmosphere. But just when we arrived at Ciawi junction, we saw Pullman hotel, Vimala Hills. So remember reading that there is quite a big restaurant inside called Talaga Sampireun Vimala Hills.

“Let’s go there, let’s go.” Invite me. To which the husband immediately agreed by turning right. Incidentally the traffic from above is not too busy.

We tried Talaga Sampireun Bintaro, Tangerang and Bekasi. There is nothing wrong with trying the one at Cisarua Bogor, it will add to your experience.

Beyond the gardens and groups of villas

To make sure we didn’t miss the mark, we asked the security guard guarding the entrance to Vimala Hills Complex, Cisarua Bogor. It is true that there is a Sundanese restaurant inside called Talaga Sampireun Vimala Hills. “Just go straight this way it will also meet the left”he said

  • The entrance to this Sundanese restaurant passes through several clusters of villas. They are named after the mountains in the land of Sunda. Like Pangrango and Salak, the roadside scenery is eye-catching. To the left and right of the road covered with flowers. Not far from the entrance gate, on the right, there is a beautiful garden. Arranged in colorful patterns. There is a lake in the middle with several swans swimming. It is good if it is used as a photo wallpaper by netizens.

As you enter the talaga gate of Sampireun Vimala Hills, you will be greeted in the lobby by a friendly receptionist. They will direct us to find a place. Both in the garden and on the terrace. Wherever tables and seats are found, the fresh air pampers the skin with delicate caresses.

I chose in the garden overlooking the green water well. There is a mini fountain in the middle. The green atmosphere, the eciprat of the fountain and the flapping of the fins of the koi horde make me feel relaxed. I feel good. What else in the distance can be seen the shadows of the Pangrango mountains. Even if far away it seems to enclose the valley below. The top is foggy. It makes me feel a little romantic.

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Order food at Talaga Sampireun Vimala Hills Cisarua Bogor

As a Sundanese restaurant, the dishes are not far from fish, chicken, meat and vegetables. In addition to looking at the menu list, visitors can do this scan the barcode which will open a list of online menus.

Actually, in Bogor before I had a coffee and ate a lot of snacks. It was still not too late to start dinner. So I chose only two types of vegetables, namely stir-fried papaya flowers and sweet potatoes. For side dishes, I chose Garang Asam Gurame Fish and Mango Sauce Chicken.

For drinks, although there are cendol ice, wedang uwuh and young kela, we chose the teapot. It is suitable for the heat to meet temperatures that continue to drop

Taste of food at Talaga Sampireun Vimala Hills Cisarua Bogor

As for the taste, I never said the food wasn’t great. Because know that all menus what is served is well thought out. It was a long process. And the cooks must have tried to show their best skills. So, by my palate’s standards for Sundanese food at Talaga Sampireun, the dish is quite good. At least it’s standard Sundanese cuisine

After I finished my meal, I wandered around the garden for a while and saw some white orchids. The red asoka flowers are the pool fence. A giant chess piece that can be used as a photo location. Even the housewives and families who came after us didn’t forget to enjoy the atmosphere by sitting back and relaxing.

As time kept creeping into the afternoon, it wasn’t long before we left Talaga Sampireun Vimala Hills Cisarua Bogor. Return to Serpong feeling more relaxed.

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