Teen Viral Shows Off Driving Car Until Time To Dance, Cries After Hitting Tree & Car Overturned

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TRIBUNNEWS.IT – A single crash that resulted in a car overturning went viral on social media.

The Honda HRV type car was driven by a teenager with the initials LN (14).

Not only that, there were two LN friends, namely S (12) and R (12), who sat in the passenger seat.

In the circulating video, the middle schooler shows off and dances in his new car.

Not long after, the car driven by LN reportedly went out of control until it hit a tree and overturned.

The video, as seen shared by the Instagram account @ndorobei.official.

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In the video, a teenager is dancing in a white Honda HRV car with his girlfriend.

He was wearing a black shirt and glasses.

Then, the video switches to a different setting, where the teenager is seen crying next to an overturned car.

In the description of the video, it is stated that the incident took place in Jalan Bulu Pekoto, Paleteang District, Pinrang Regency, South Sulawesi.

Reported TribunPinrang.comPinrang Police HQ chief, AKP Agus Salim confirmed the incident.

He said at the time of the accident, the car contained three people.

It is known that the car belonged to S, but was driven by LN, who was presumably learning to drive a car.

“L’s position is driving the car, so car owner S sits in the back and R sits next to driver LN,” he said.

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