Teens in Indramayu arrested for stabbing police member, 3 people named as suspects

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TRIBUNNEWS.IT – The action of a motorcycle gang in Indramayu Regency, West Java made people restless.

On Wednesday (5/10/2023) in the early hours of yesterday, a police officer with the rank of Bripka was the victim of a stabbing by a motorcycle gang.

Police officer hacked while on patrol to anticipate street crimes.

As a result, the victim had to receive serious injuries and receive treatment in the hospital.

The stabbing occurred on the Pantura Route of Sukra Wetan Village, Sukra District, Indramayu Regency.

Police also arrested five members of the biker gang.

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I am MA (19) an entrepreneur.

And the other four actors are still high school students, namely SH (16), WO (19), TW (15), MI (16).

The authors were all residents of Subang Regency.

After being examined, three of them were named suspects.

It is MA (19 years old), the perpetrator of the stabbing, a resident of Pusakanagara district, Subang regency.

The other two are SRP (16) and WLO (18) residents of Sukasari District, Subang Regency.

Both were named suspects because they were found in possession of sharp weapons.

Meanwhile, it is known that the police member who became the victim was Bripka Sugiono who served as a member of Sukra Police Criminal Investigation Unit.

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