The 116th TMMD Regular Task Force together with the community continues the excavation work of the water channel

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AMPONTOONS.COM, JAKARTA – The activities of the 116th Regular TNI Manunggal Build Village (TMMD) Kodim 0507/Bekasi will end in the next 27 days, the works for the excavation of a water channel for the installation of 800 meters of Uditc concrete continue to be performed by the Task TMMD Force and Jakamulya Village Community, South Bekasi District, Bekasi City seems to be still working on it though it has to be done in hot weather conditions during the day on Friday (5/12/2023).

It was seen that the personnel of the 116th Regular TMMD Task Force together with the community of Jakamulya village, continued to dig the channel for the installation of the concrete UDITC which was only a few tens of meters away.

One of the staff members of the 116th Regular TMMD Task Force, Sertu Joko, said that work on physical targets is still in progress.

“The remaining work time is still 27 days ahead, that doesn’t mean that the 116th Regular TMMD Task Force personnel and I are complacent,” he said.

“We continue to be excited as we see the excitement and enthusiasm of the residents to complete the construction of this water channel in the center of the village,” he explained.

The head of RW 003, Jakamuya Village, Makmun Karto expressed his gratitude for the construction of the water channel by 116th Regular TMMD Task Force in Jakamuya Village, South Bekasi District, as the representative of the community he felt happy and very available for all activities carried out especially for the construction of water channels.

Mulyadi also hopes that with this TMMD activity a sense of brotherhood between TMMD task force personnel and the people of Rt.003, Jakamuya village, South Bekasi district will last forever. (Source Kodim 0507/Bekasi)

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