The beauty of the blog, personal and professional benefits

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Term the beauty of blogging I read from Om NH who commented on Suroboyo Blogger meeting photo with Pakde Cholik. I took that as the title of this post because that’s the benefit of being a blogger that I’ve been hearing lately. Writing on a blog seems to support the emotional side, it’s richer. Try it. The number of friends has increased, like-minded people have appeared, ways of thinking have become a little clearer. And besides that, I started getting financial benefits, both because I won contests, paid for postage and invited trips to various places in Indonesia.

Benefits of blogging for personal and professional

Yes, the blogs and blogs in this beloved home initially started with sharing one’s personal life online, a sort of online diary. Trusting, responding to social situations based on understanding, or just sharing stories isn’t important.

Gradually my blogging activities developed. From more personal reasons to more professional reasons. Instead of just writing for friends and family, I started venturing into the realm of more professional blogging like promoting products and brands Pass. The palm sugar business that my family owns.

What are the benefits of blogging and being a blogger, read on to the bottom.

The beauty of the blog, new energy from winning contests

The spark to my blog’s beauty actually started with winning a contest Flash fictions on his blog Jeng Titik, Celoteh TT studying in Japan. It was limited to 2012. It’s been a long time, hasn’t it?

Jeng Titik when he did give away in honor of the first anniversary of the blog. Recorded in four seasons. Wait for me at Mak Jantu Bay won a collection of suburban love stories by Catastrova Prima as a prize. Check here. I finished reading it. It only takes one day. After that, the composing ones are really good at putting words together, forming the beauty in my head.

Then yesterday and today I became a model at BlogCamp. Pakde Cholik, the general of BlogCamp, has a habit of doing mystery guest quiz end of each month. Guests are female bloggers who often visit there. (Sir, if a man has ever been a guest, excuse me for this typo :)) So for Mysterious guest May 2012 I had my turn.

Alhamdulillah. I am so happy. Even though I’ve been blogging for a long time, my circulation on the blogging planet is not that high. Reputation is also still low. I think only a few friends who can recognize. However, since Pakde’s instructions were quite vulgar, there were sugar and ants, and there was also Palm Sugar on the cover, many guessed correctly. Hahaha.. My narcissism is really taken care of here.

Slowly but surely the Google bots are getting more and more diligent in crawling this blog

Another effect is that from yesterday to today my blog is full of visits. Hits are up 50 percent from normal days. As they are starting to pay serious attention to traffic, this fact certainly gives a glimmer of hope. Easy traffic one day even thousands a day.

It’s nice if Google acknowledges its existence. What else if the blog can earn money. At least doi can finance its own hosting.

Oh, from Pakde Cholik I got 2 books. First The winner is aloneis Paulo Coelho. The second is Dahlan Iskan From zero to hero. Later, after reading it, you will review Paulo Coelho’s novel. Thanks Jeng Titik and thanks Pakde. Blogging is so cool 🙂

Since then, she has won countless GA or other blog writing contests. The same goes for promoted content and travel invitations to various places. The beauty of blogging is real, not just wishful thinking.

Benefits of being a blogger and blog for professionals

Food Blogger is preparing the contents

If you have a business and the business is going to be promoted online, deciding to become a blogger will really help the business run smoothly.

Here are some advantages mBenefits of blogging for companies what i feel for as a blogger, content creator Arenga brand

1. Helps drive traffic to corporate websites

Now everyone has to admit the benefits of blogging for business continuity. Having a blog is a great way to drive traffic to your website and improve SEO. The more blog updates, the more content search engines have to crawl and index.

This means that search engines like Google can easily recognize that your site is a source of information that people can access. Blogs, in addition to creating content, also encourage our audience to share and connect with us.

Businesses or brands that have blogs will get a lot of links from other websites from other online sources which will really help the exposure of a brand.

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2. Source of wealth for social media feeds

Our blog is like a warehouse of wealth. We can always repurpose blog content for social media, especially images that can be used for Instagram, Twitter and Facebook

Another benefit of blogging is that a good blog post is not just about written text. The visual images and rich media you add will have a significant impact on the amount of traffic you can drive to your blog posts.

In fact, many other bloggers have experienced that posting images on blogs can end up going viral on social media.

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Source of Wealth for Social Media Feeds:

  • Images and graphic information will make our blog content easier to share on social media. So try every blog post to contain images to help more people see our blog content
  • Images make blog content easier to read, keeping readers hooked on the call to action at the end of our posts.
  • Social media images will transform blog content into new content and can stand on their own and add value to our blog posts.

3. Help turn traffic into leads

Another benefit of being a blogger is that it is one of the best ways to drive organic traffic to a website. But that traffic is for nothing if your blog readers don’t convert into potential customers.

Generating new leads and getting conversions should always be the main focus of business blogging activity.

The best part about blogging for lead generation is the value it provides to readers. People come to your business blog looking for information, so make the most of it so your readers are ready to convert.

Once you set up your blog to generate leads and convert, the incoming leads will increase as your web and blog traffic grows. A 10% increase in site traffic can result in a 10% increase in leads

4. Promote long-term results

Patience is the most important thing in blogging. Blogging is not an overnight job, it requires dedication and patience.

We need to update content regularly and also promote our content strategically. Dig into all sources for step-by-step traction on our blog.

If your blog develops slowly and consistently over time, it means you are on the path to long-term blogging and business success. This is another benefit of blogging for both personal and professional use.

5. The blog helps to build links (links)

Now we know how important building a blog is for business growth.

Following Google’s guidelines is very important when creating a blog. It’s best to build backlinks organically, which means making connections with people who can benefit us. Here we need knowledge about SEO (search engine optimization)

When it comes to SEO, backlinks are a key factor in how many people will see your blog post appear in search engine results like Google.

6. Blogs help us share brand or company news

How can a blog help build a brand? That’s the enormity of the blog’s beauty.

Blogging brings long-term results. The best business blogs answer common questions from their readers and subscribers. If we consistently create valuable content or articles for our target market audience, we will establish ourselves as an industry leader or authority in the eyes of customers.

Likewise in regards to news or breaking news from brands, blogs are the best media for that.

This is the beauty of blogging. If you haven’t, Arenga friend, I hope you join soon.

– Eve

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