The boss’s appeal invites two Staycation employees, “Come on, do you want to extend it, when you walk together”

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AMPONTOONS.COM, BEKASI – A worker from Cikarang, Bekasi Regency, West Java with initials AD (24) admitted that she was repeatedly asked by the company boss to quit before the end of her contract.

So far, AD has never complied with his superior’s request.

“Since I want to end the contract on May 13, it’s like asking for a promise again, ‘Come on, when you want to extend the trip together,'” said AD, on Sunday (7/5/2023).

“He always invites the two of us out on a date, sometimes asking for promises, when will we date, when will we meet,” she said.

AD had the courage to refuse his boss’s invitation and told him that he already had a girlfriend, but his boss pulled out the employment contract and threatened not to renew it.

“I immediately made the decision that I didn’t want to, then he was rich and immediately said: ‘Yes, you have finished the contract, you don’t need to renew it,'” said AD.

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AD never knew in detail where to go with him, but what was clear was that he had something to do with hotel stay requests.

“Because I never said yes, it wasn’t clear where I was going, (another photo was sent to the hotel) yes, one of the hotels in Jababeka,” she said.

The woman with the long black hair previously unveiled her boss mode.

revealed he was pushed on purpose when he ran into PT.

“In the PT there is a special area for walking. It seems that he touched his hand on purpose, he said it was not on purpose, this is the modus operandi,” concluded AD, quoted by Kompas TV.

AD admitted he wanted his boss dissuaded from reporting him to the authorities.

“To have a deterrent effect so that in the future there are no victims who want to be invited in that way, one must have the courage to refuse, not be lured by contractual extensions”, concluded AD.

Six months working at a PT in Cikarang, AD shared his experience of being invited to be alone.

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