The female biker who dragged the dog in Bali is the police

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AMPONTOONS.COM, BALI – A video showing a biker dragging his dog through the streets of Bali went viral on social media.

One such video was shared by the Instagram account of the owner of Yayasan Sarana Metta Indonesia or Animal Hope Shelter, Christian Joshua Pale on May 12, 2023.

When confirmed, Christian also recounted how the incident started, precisely on the afternoon of May 9, 2023, after the children returned home from school to be precise.

In reality, this incident took place on May 9, 2023, to be precise, during the afternoon after the children had gone to school. The recorder initially saw the crash, then followed it and stopped.

“The recorder scolded the dragger, asking the dragger to immediately put the child on his motorcycle. Because otherwise, the perpetrator will still be dragged away, he will take the dog by force,” Christian said on Tuesday, May 16, 2023.

Furthermore, the offender then put the dog on his motorcycle.

“Well, after he finished picking up his kids and returning to his new home in the afternoon, he posted it, again on the same date, May 9, 2023. But the post didn’t go viral, it was just liked by about 33 people.” he said.

Then one of Christian’s followers sent the video, he immediately asked the reporter or the person who revealed the video.

“So I tried to comment on the reporter’s post, asked where the incident was and the reporter was cooperative. Thank God he received my call and we communicated,” he continued.

Then, on the evening of May 12, 2023, Christian also uploaded the video so that it went viral, attracting the attention of the public and dog lovers. Until, finally, Christian made his way to Bali on May 13, 2023.

“So coincidentally on May 13, 2023, I was sponsored by Mba Desiria Magdalena, she was in charge of all our transportation and accommodation. The important thing is that this case should be investigated immediately,” said Christian.

He finally flew to Bali to help investigate the case, because it had gone viral on social media.

After arriving in Bali, he then met with the complainant to ask for the history.

“He explained in detail the history after the TKP. Then we immediately searched by STNK address by the license plate number of the motorcycle used by the draggenders,” he added.

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