The Indonesian National Teqball Work Meeting produces six important points

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AMPONTOONS.COM, JAKARTA – The Indonesian Teqball Central Board (PP INATEQ) officially held the Indonesian Teqball National Working Meeting (Rakernas) online on Saturday, May 20, 2023.

This Rakernas was attended by 14 provincial Teqball administrators and referees, as well as several coaches who already have international certificates.

PP INATEQ General President, Hellen de Lima, who chaired the meeting, said that this national working meeting yielded six important points.

First, confirming that the Teqball organization has only 1 (one) PP INATEQ led by Hellen de Lima.

Secondly, the finalization of the draft Articles of Association and Regulations (AD/ART) in which there were several suggestions, among others, that INATEQ members who violated the law should receive a warning penalty up to dishonorable dismissal.

Thirdly, PP INATEQ, should be able to organize a national championship (Kejurnas) in an attempt to lift the enthusiasm of the athletes out of the void due to the Covid 19. So, as far as possible, apply to the central KONI so that
Teqball can be designated as an exhibition sport at the XXI/2024 Aceh-North Sumatra National Sports Week (PON).

Fourthly, PP INATEQ was asked to maintain good communication with Indonesian Olympic Committee (KOI/NOC Indonesia), National Sports Committee (KONI) and also Erick Thohir as founder of Teqball Indonesia.

Fifthly, PP INATEQ opens opportunities for those wishing to register as General Chairperson of the next PP INATEQ as of Monday 22nd May 2023 and in preparation for the National Conference (Munas) I.

Sixth, appreciating the 2 silver medals of SEA Games 2023 Cambodia which were donated by Yoga Ardika Putra (men’s singles) and Yunita Indria (women’s singles) even though the national selection (Seleknas) that took place was invalid and not met the requirements.

“The points in this Rakernas are valid because they have met the requirements according to the AD/ART. The agenda of the national working meeting discusses the organization of Teqball, the financial dealings of INATEQ and the finalization of the AD/ART of INATEQ, which will be ratified at the nearest INATEQ I national conference (Munas), “said Hellen pomegranate.

The former interim secretary general of KOI also explained that PP INATEQ had been a member of KOI since 2021 and was currently awaiting recognition as a KONI member. At present, Teqball Indonesia has 17 provincial governments in 17 provinces formed by PP INATEQ.

In the development of Teqball sport, PP INATEQ is supported by 56 Teqball tables of FITEQ or International Teqball to be distributed in Pengprov which already have certified referees and instructors.

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