The moment in which Ria Ricis responds to the challenge of the fans who speak while diving into the sea of ​​Labuan Bajo

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AMPONTOONS.COM reporter Bayu Indra Permana

AMPONTOONS.COM, JAKARTA – Ria Ricis answered a challenge from her fans while on vacation in Labuan Bajo with her children and husband, Teuku Ryan.

In the videos he uploaded to his TikTok and Instagram accounts, Ricis answered fans’ challenge to speak under the sea.

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Ricis was reluctant to do so as he had never swam in the sea and tried to talk while diving.

“Miss Icis, try talking underwater,” Ria Ricis said as she read the comments from her fans.

“You don’t think it sounds like that. Haa, let’s try it,” she continued.

Ricis also asked his fans to guess what he was talking about while in the water.

“Translate what I’m talking about,” Ricis said.

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The comment column on Ria Ricis’ TikTok account was also full of comments from her fans laughing at Ricis’ face because it was considered funny.

There were even some fans who tried to guess what Ria Ricis said when answering the underwater speaking challenge.

“I only know hay guys,” wrote one netizen.

Uploads of Ria Ricis’ vacation moments with her husband and kids have gone viral multiple times on social media, especially TikTok.

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