The naked corpse in Depok was revealed to be male, no vital organs and throat bones found in the body

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Report by reporter Dwi Putra Kesuma

AMPONTOONS.COM, JAKARTA – The case of finding a naked body in the garden area of ​​RT 02/13, Tapos Village, Depok City on Thursday (5/11/2023) has started to come to light.

The corpse that was previously said to be a female turned out to be a male.

Earlier, police said the body was a woman’s because no male genitalia were physically found.

However, upon examination, the victim turned out to be a man.

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In addition to not finding any vital organs on the victim’s body, the examination results also showed that no neck organs or throat cartilage were found on the victim’s body.

“The neck organs weren’t found, so the trachea, esophagus, neck cartilage are not there, yes, they weren’t found,” said Depok Police Criminal Investigation Unit Chief, AKBP Yogen Heroes Baruno, on stage, Friday ( 12/5/2023).

“Doctors can’t conclude whether this is the cause of death, because there are no organs in the neck,” he said.

Yogen said the coroner at Kramat Jati Police Hospital is currently taking tissue from the victim.

“So the doctor is now continuing with the forensic efforts where to take tissue from the victim, to check under the microscope whether there are changes related to the problem of the disease or not, we are still waiting for it,” he said.

Previously, Yogen had claimed the victim was a male.

The results of the preliminary questioning indicated that the victim was a woman. This is based on the absence of penile genitalia on the victim’s body.

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“So it’s going to be at the doctor’s, it’s going to disappear due to decay or it’s going to be lost on purpose,” Yogen said.

“We will wait for the full results of the autopsy results later, because these are temporary results for the development of the investigation,” he said.

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